Puppets War Guide

The Guild Event Puppet Wars is a rating event for all guilds in the Magnum Quest game. Event points are given for the total damage done to all bosses by guild members.


  • 3 attempts to kill bosses are available daily (if you closed 14-40 of the Battle mode)
  • heroes who participated in the challenge cannot be taken on the next challenge (3 teams are needed)
  • to facilitate the passage of your guildmates, you can assign one mercenary that your alliance friends can use
  • you can take mercenaries to your team
  • only one mercenary can be taken on each challenge
  • mercenaries you have already used in battles cannot be recruited again

Rules of Puppets War Magnum Quest

  1. Active guilds established before the event starts will be qualified for this event; If the guilds don’t make the grade, they cannot participate in the event.
  2. The qualified guilds can challenge the four puppet tosses on the proper pages; The defeat of all puppet bosses will activate the final boss; When the final boss is defeated, all bosses will reset and level up.
  3. Player can challenge bosses once per day, twice upon clearing Stage 9-20 and thrice upon clearing Stage 14-40.
  4. For each boss killed, all Guild Members will receive a reward to be claimed in mail.
  5. At the end of the event, Ranking Rewards will be distributed as per Guild Ranking; All Guild Members in the Puppet War will receive a proper Ranking Reward to be claimed in mail; Non-participating Guild Members cannot receive this reward.
  6. [Remove Members] and [Disband] feature will be disabled on the final day and restored after the event.

Boss Commands Guide

Puppet Executioner

  • Faction: Fortress
  • Info: The boss’s Physical Res. is high. The following classes are recommended: [Intelligence]

Recommended heroes


Puppet Shaman of Arcana

  • Faction: Wild
  • Info: The boss’s Magical Res. is high. The following classes are recommended: [Strength]+[Agility]

Recommended heroes


Puppet Master of Hypnosis

  • Faction: Forest
  • Info: The boss has the ability to summon the Tidal Barrier and all damage from outside the barrier will be reduced. It is recommended to use melee heroes on the battlefield

Recommended heroes


Puppet Dark Mage

  • Faction: Shadow
  • Info: The boss has the ability to summon the Skeleton Armor. The Skeleton Armor will greatly reduce the Haste of targets around itself. It is recommended to use ranged heroes on the battlefield

Recommended heroes


Puppet Replica Fafnir

  • Faction: None
  • Info: The boss has the abilites with AOE damage.

Recommended heroes


Support Heroes

Winden (for mage only)
Cinia (Energy Boost)
Sur (Damage + Attack Up)
Harry (Haste Boost)

Please note the recommended heroes should not be used if they are poorly leveled. In this case, it will be more effective to use your strongest heroes and guild mercenaries in Puppet Wars Magnum Quest. Good Luck and high rank to your guild.

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