Battlefield of Gods 2021/09/30

Battlefield of Gods will start on September 30th!

Adventurers Assemble!

When the Fairhaven Trial came to pass, our apprentices were well prepared for a much challenging conquest. With their prizes, strength, and ambition, their steps will never stop.
Now open the White Tower Documents, there will be something you need.

White Tower Documents Temple

The God of War is gone, and his temple has survived to this day. When the doors to it are opened for the savior, a solemn hymn will sound in the sea of darkness.
At the moment when the sounds of music subside, only one warrior will be able to defeat all opponents.
Under the gaze of God, go to the throne, everyone who approaches it will gain divine power!

Battlefield of Gods

It looks like we are waiting for an analogue of the Tournament of Legends from AFK Arena. The strongest players from all servers will fight for the title of the best PvP player in the game!

Current publicly available information:

  • Battlefield of Gods is a cross-server arena in different regions.
  • Adventurers who participated in the floating city ladder can win themselves a chance to fight other players in the GROUP COMPETITION.
  • Top 64 of the GROUP COMPETITION will enter the FINALS and compete for the 8 seats of the CHAMPIONSHIP.
  • Adventurers who get the chance for the GROUP TOURNAMENT are supposed to have 5 Legendary Heroes at least.
  • Top 64 players will get different Time-Limited Frames according to their final ranking.

More details about the rules and other prizes in Battlefield of Gods will meet you in the new version of Magnum Quest.

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