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Ryan is a new Abyss Hero that was added to the game in May 2022. The main purpose of the hero is to deal damage and survive on the battlefield.

Ryan can be a melee or ranged hero. She is also immune to lethal blow for 10 seconds, which she can use twice per fight.


Ambush (shuriken)



RarityLegendary V
RoleContinuous Damage
Role 2Survival

General mode


Guild Bosses

Guild Boss




Cunning Raid [Lv.3]

Ryan sneaks into the body of the enemy target with the lowest HP for 3 seconds, dealing 200% ATK of P. DMG each second. Afterwards, Ryan emerges next to the target and attacks it in melee mode. Once the target is killed or lost, Ryan returns to the back row in the allies’ territory and switches back to ranged mode.

LV2: When Ryan is in melee mode, each [Void Mark] borne by the enemies raises her ATK and DEF by 3%, until she switches to ranged mode. When switching to ranged mode, Ryan automatically activates the [Void Projection] skill once.
LV3: Sneak attack DMG increases to 250% ATK, ATK and DEF raised by each [Void Mark] increase to 5%.

Void Projection [Lv.4]

Ryan throws 3 [Void Daggers] at random enemies, with each [Void Dagger] dealing 150% ATK of P. DMG. If Ryan is in melee mode, then all the [Void Daggers] are thrown at her current target.

LV2: Each [Void Dagger] leaves a [Void Mark] on the target, each [Void Mark] lowers the bearer’ s DEF by 3% and this effect can stack up.
LV3: The number of [Void Daggers] thrown each time increases to 5.
LV4: Enemy DEF lowered by each [Void Mark] increases to 5%.

Void Mark Detonation [Lv.3]

When in ranged mode, Ryan detonates all the [Void Marks], with each mark dealing 50% ATK of P. DMG to its bearer. When in melee mode, Ryan becomes the ground zero of the detonation, with each [Void Mark] present dealing 50% ATK of P. DMG to all her surrounding enemies.

LV2: The detonation of each mark also inflicts the [stun] effect upon the target for 0.2 seconds.
LV3: DMG dealt by each [Void Mark] increases to 75% ATK.

Ruse and Retreat [Lv.3]

When a killing blow is imminent, Ryan becomes immune to it and clears all negative effects on her. She then switches to ranged mode, returns to a random back row position in the allies’ territory and activates the [cloak] effect for 10 seconds. While the [cloak] effect is active, Ryan restores 3% of her max HP each second. This skill  can be triggered only once in each battle.

LV2: HP restored each second increases to 5% of max HP.
LV3: This skill can be triggered twice in each battle.



Ryan is a useful hero for all areas of the game. She should leveled attacking characteristics.

We give universal recommendations on attributes and skills for a hero. For example, if you already have a 50% chance of crit, then you should choose another characteristic in the branch of the Starmap.

Starmap Calculator

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Ryan, aka, the Dark Descendant, or the Light Devourer, is a sinner eternally condemned to the Eternal Sea of Fire. She used to be an ordinary fairy, admitted to the Valley of Zurr due to the kindness of Maurice. But her grave mistake and twisted obsession eventually lead to the destruction of the Sacred Tree and the death of her own lifesaver, and she was on sequently cast into the abyss for eternity and never to be redeemed.


Ryan wears a shattered black cloak that resembles the dark wings of Death. She’s tall  and slim, with hellfire of green seeping from her bones, her presence screams hatred and malice. Regardless whether Ryan was turned into a demon, she never understood Maurice’s behavior, she never felt it was her who made the wrong choice, it was the stupidity, the arrogance, and the emotions of the mortal that’s to blame, to resent, and to hate.


The Valley of Zurr is situated inside the World’s Rift, unreachable by the sunlight, the land had been frozen in darkness for ages – until one of the gods planted a seed there.

The seed took root in total darkness and grew into a giant tree that reached for the sky. It illuminates the entire valley with its gentle and bright glow from the canopy.

Since then, the Valley of Zurr had turned from a land of deathly stillness into a vibrant habitat blessed by the divine. When the sacred tree bore fruit, life began to thrive in the valley.

Mother Nature left her daughter Maurice here to guard the sacred tree, and told her that eating the sacred fruit grants one divinity, but as long as the fruit remain unpicked, the Valley of Zurr will always be filled with joy. To protect the sacred fruit and the lives in the valley, Maurice sealed it off with her divine powers but kept a narrow opening on a steep cliff as the only exit.

Ryan’s arrival was purely accidental. Wounded and hunted by her enemies, she jumped off a cliff in desperation and fell unconscious near the Valley of Zurr, where she was discovered by Maurice on patrol. Facing the little fairy covered in cuts and bruises, Maurice made an exception out of mercy and brought her back to the valley for treatment. During the one-month long treatment, Maurice’s mesmerizing smiles, her tender voice, her enormous power, and her kind heart, brought to Ryan nothing short of awe and veneration. She had never met such a being, who, without any glorification, naturally became a symbol of faith and light for her.

Full recovered, Ryan wouldn’t want to leave Maurice’ side, and was thereafter granted permission to stay in the valley. She often followed Maurice around and was willing to do anything she asked, offer any help she needed, and in return, gained Maurice’ trust.

Years had passed, and a tragedy was about to unfold. This time, it was an unconscious man that Maurice saved, a man with quite a handsome face, supposedly the heir to the throne of a kingdom. He fell deeply in love with Maurice and won her affection with his true heart. Maurice even began to entertain the thought of laying down her lifetime duty, renouncing her divinity, and starting an ordinary life with a mere mortal – in other words, forfeiting her eternal life.

Surely, Ryan asked Maurice, what should happen to the sacred tree and its fruit? Who would then watch over the residents of the valley? Maurice, stroking the little fairy’s hair, proposed to leave it all to her. Ryan wouldn’t accept Maurice’ decision to forfeit her eternal life, to bear the mortal pains of sickness and eventual death, all for the sweet lies from a man. She would not allow this to happen, she needed to protect Maurice. After all persuasion failed, Ryan found another way.

One night, as Maurice was distracted by her recent troubles, Ryan climbed up the sacred tree and picked the sacred fruit. She then brought it to the man, told him that Maurice was willing to leave the valley with him at the crack of dawn, and the fruit is the token of her devotion. Should he accept, he should offer his sword as a token in return. The man was euphoric, he immediately offered his sword for the fruit and gave his solemn oath that he would be waiting for his love at the crack of dawn by the cliff, the exit of the valley.

After sending the foolish man on his way, Ryan turned around and killed all the residents in the valley with his sword and burnt down the sacred tree. She then brought the sword to Maurice, accusing its owner of all the atrocities, claiming he had deceived her in the attempt to obtain the sacred fruit for his own deification. Maurice could not believe her words, but when she saw in the crystal orb that the man was indeed carrying the fruit and approaching the exit of the valley, she was convinced.

Maurice arrived at the cliff and personally ended the man’s life. With his dead body in her arms, she burst into tears in irrepressible sorrow. She then gave Ryan the sacred fruit and killed herself with the very same sword.

Excruciating hatred consumed Ryan, Maurice’ death drove her insane. In pain and resentment, she wolves down the sacred fruit in hopes of acquiring divine powers to revive Maurice. But how could one expect the fruit to bring divine powers when her own hands were covered in innocent blood? The power from the fruit scorched her body, and with endless agony, it turned her into a demon.

The sacred tree kept burning, the fire devoured the entire Valley of Zurr and turned it into the Eternal Sea of Fire. Ryan, the name of the sinner, was carved all over the red-hot cliffs by the howling ghosts, and she was condemned to forever wander the burning sea, waiting for someone who would never return to this world, Maurice.

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