Guild Bosses Rewards

Killing Guild Boss and Puppets in game Magnum Quest is the only common regular activity for Guilds for now, where all guild members contribute to the common task. In the future, the list of activities will increase, but now we have what we have.

Every day you and your guild members can throw a challenge to the boss once, that is, join the battle with him. Depending on the damage done, each member of the guild will increase the “Hatred” of the boss. To collect all the chests with rewards (3 pieces), you need to collect a total of 240 “Hatred”. That is, for example, 30 members of your guild must score at least 8 hate per attempt. This condition is simple enough for almost any guild.

You can read more about Bosses in this article.

Hatred Rewards (3 Chests)

1 chest (60 hatred)2 chest (120 hatred)3 chest (240 hatred)

Damage to increase Boss Hatred

This table applies to both the regular Magnum Quest Guild Boss and the Puppet Bosses. The lines of raising hatred are the same for them.

Boss Hatred LevelDamage
112 000
248 000
384 000
4144 000
5264 000
6540 000
7984 000
81 860 000
93 600 000
106 600 000
1112 000 000
1224 000 000
1354 000 000
14120 000 000
15360 000 000

Guild Boss Individual Rewards

In addition to the rewards from the chests, each player who participates in the killing of the Guild Boss will receive individual rewards at the end of the battle. The value of these rewards depends on the “Hatred of the Boss” gained.

Boss Hatred LevelGuild BudgesGold

As you can see, with a new level of hatred, the reward also increases. This allows players to be incentivized to aim for more damage on bosses.

Individual Puppet Rewards

For participating in the battles with the Magnum Quest Puppet Bosses, you will also receive an individual reward for each attempt. For each level of hatred of the boss, you will be added 10 Guild Badges and 10 Silver Artisan Coins (an item necessary for leveling equipment).

If you, for example, reached level 12 of Hatred on any Boss Puppet, you will receive 120 Guild Badges and 120 Craftsman Silver Coins.

Puppet Bosses Chests Rewards

In total, you will be able to defeat 4 Puppet Bosses. For each victory you will receive a chest containing 100 Dragonshards and 1000 Guild Badges. Regardless of which boss you participated in killing, you will be given chests for all the defeated monsters by your Guild. The main thing is to participate and spend at least one attempt.

Good luck with your Magnum Quest Boss battles and great rewards! See you in the game!

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