Maintenance Update Notice (21 January)

Dear adventurers!

To enhance your gaming experience, we will be conducting a Closed Server Update on January 22ed, 2024, from 4:30 to 10:00 UTC. After the update, all players will be rewarded with mindful compensation via in-game mail. Please download the update promptly after the maintenance and log in to claim your rewards.

PS: The end time of the maintenance may be subject to change based on actual circumstances. Please stay tuned for the latest official information.

The following is the optimized content of this update, and the final update content shall be subject to the game!

Part 1 New Content

  • New gameplay:Dungeon of Darkness
    • Unlocking conditions:On the second day of server launch, when the adventurer level reaches level 25, [Dungeon of Darkness] will be unlocked
    • Entrance:Dungeon-Dungeon of Darkness
    • Gameplay Introduction:In the [Dungeon of Darkness], adventurers are about to enter an underground world full of unknowns and dangers. You will face various battles and puzzles, and need to use your intelligence and combat skills to defeat enemies and obtain rich rewards!
  • New Function:The shop has added an automatic purchase function
    • Upgrade Introduction:After selection, you can automatically purchase, which can better plan the store’s product purchase list and won’t miss the store’s limited value discounts!

Part 2 Optimizing Content

  1. Added achievement rewards related to [Dungeon of Darkness];
  2. Expanded Beast level to 360;
  3. Optimized the description for recharging diamonds and changed it to reputation;
  4. Adjusted daily and weekly target rewards;
  5. Adjusted the rewards for [Eternal Cave];
  6. Fixed the issue of inconsistent display of Arena combat power;
  7. Fixed other known issues.

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