Desolate Desert – Path

The Desolate Desert – Path Magnum Quest is the first adventure in the “Campaign” mode, which opens to us after passing stage 4-4 of the “Battle”. For a complete passage, we will receive 10 lottery coupons and other useful resources. This Campaign is considered quite simple with a minimal set of awards. There are no hidden or difficult areas. There are also secret rewards on the map that are not so easy to find. Read the details of the passage in our guide below.

Background of the Desolate Desert – Path

Coming out of the ruins, Aurik and Aeluin found out in surprise that the destruction of the seal had triggered some magical mechanism to suppress the Fallen One. The lush island had turned into a desert, and a temple slowly emerged from a sea of sand. In order to leave the island, they must venture through the mysterious temple. However, the frenzied guards of the ruins seemed to have mistaken them for intruders and would not let them off the island so easily…


As we wrote earlier, the most valuable reward here is 10 draw coupons.


  1. This is the simplest adventure. You just need to follow the road ahead, killing monsters, collecting relics of power-ups and rewards.
  2. If you are in a hurry, you can only kill those enemies that block your path further.

Secret rewards

If you want to get an additional 200 dragonshards, then almost before the very end, pay attention to the southeast part of the map. There are secret rewards that you can collect. Attention, in order to receive the reward, you must fulfill the conditions: do not take tents, altars and bowls, beat opponents only those that interfere with the passage.

Good luck with the Desolate Desert – Path Magnum Quest.

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