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In Magnum Quest Trials many players ponder the choice of relics after each defeated enemy.. We decided to make this task easier for you and have compiled the Tier List of Relics. By the way, this tier list can also be used in the “The Fairhaven Trial” event, which periodically takes place in the game.

Relics are items that help to increase the strength of Heroes in the Trial and “The Fairhaven Trial“, as well as in some other events.

Each time you win a battle, you can choose from three available relics. Relics can only be used in the specified game modes. They do not affect gameplay outside of these game modes.

General recommendations for passing the Trials:

  • Build a balanced team. The first row is tanks, the second row is DD + support.
  • Try to have a healer in your team, or at least Sur (heals allies a little). This is necessary in order to constantly keep the team in full health, since the amount of health and energy is transferred to the next stage.
  • First of all, you should choose relics that increase damage, energy charging or the speed of allies. If you collect protective relics, it may happen that you do not have time to kill enemies on the battle timer and you will automatically lose.
  • Faction or class relics (relics that give a bonus only to members of one faction or class) should be taken if your team has 3 or more members of a faction or class.


  • Tier S relics are the best. Pick them up as soon as you see them.
  • Tier A relics are generally good.
  • Tier B relics can be great relics in certain situations.
  • Tier C relics are weak.

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Tier S


Increases critical damage by 80%

One of the best Relics. Increases damage greatly. But you need a high crit chance.

Increases critical strike chance by 20%

Increases the crit chance of the entire team. Works well with the Rage Burst relic.

Increases the speed of your heroes by 24%

A great Artifact for any team. Speed is one of the most important attributes in the game.

Increases attack by 25%

An excellent Relic for increasing the overall damage of the team.

Increases the damage done by your heroes by 30%

Another artifact that increases team damage.

When a hero has more than 95% HP, increases the damage of heroes in the back row by 100%

An excellent artifact for a balanced team when you have support heroes and range DDs in your second row. The team needs a healer.

When the hero has more than 80% HP, increases damage by 35%

Another similar artifact to the previous one, only here the threshold of the required HP and the increase in damage are already reduced. The team needs a healer.

Boosts attack in the back row by 20% and their critical hit by 10%

An excellent artifact for a balanced team when you have support heroes and range DDs in your second row.

Tier A


Increases Accuracy by 20% and Increases Crit Chance by 15%

A good relic for the team, giving Crit and Accuracy.

After 10 battles, increases attack by 30%

Great artifact if you take it before stage 10 of the Trial. The greatest increase in attack among all arts without any additional conditions. If it falls out later than 10 stages, then it will not have time to activate until the end of the Trial, since there are only 21 stages in it.

Increases damage by 20% and crit chance by 12% for your heroes in your half of the field.

A good relic for range Damage Dealers, as they stay in your half of the filed most of the time.

Reduces damage taken by 30%

The best protective relic of the Trial. Permanent damage reduction.

Tier B


Until the death of the heroes in the front row, reduces the damage taken by the heroes in the back row by 60%

Good protection from DD that jump to the second row and from AOE damage.

The first time a hero’s HP falls below 30%, restores the hero to 45% max HP

A protective relic in case of burst damage to one of your heroes.

Increases healing by 80%

Any healing effects are increased by 80%.

Tier C


Reduces the damage of enemy heroes on your field by 30% and their damage from crit hits by 35%

Works only if opponents have heroes like Carlotta or Cyan who can jump behind the back of the second row.

Recovers 30% max HP at the start of the battle

Actual relic only if you don’t have a healer in your team. But, if you want to pass without surprises, you should take a balanced team, in which there should be a healer.

Reduces damage taken by first row heroes by 20% and increases their energy recovery by 20%

In our experience, heroes rarely drop below 95% health even without this relic.

You can also find relics that apply to certain factions or classes of heroes. The same rule applies to them as with regular relics. Relics that increase damage, speed or energy gain in priority. Only if you have 3+ faction or class heroes in your team.

Some relics are missing from the list.

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