If your game account is locked because the SNS account linked is locked, please contact the SNS provider.

If you still cannot access your game account, please contact Magnum Quest Support via email support@magnumquest.com

If your game account is hacked because the SNS account linked has been hacked, please contact your SNS provider to recover your account.

If you still cannot recover your game account, please contact Magnum Quest Support via email support@magnumquest.com

If you want to recover your SNS account, please contact your SNS provider.

If you haven’t linked your game account with your SNS account, please contact Magnum Quest Support via email support@magnumquest.com and provide the information of your account.

If you have forgotten your password, please contact your SNS provider to reset your password.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to delete a game account under the current system.

To log in to your account on a different device: please follow these steps:

  1. Please make sure your game character is linked with your SNS account.
  2. Create a new character on a new device.
  3. Go to Setting > Change account and log in with your SNS account.

Once the payment is made, a receipt will be automatically sent to your e-mail that registered with your account, or to your in-game mailbox.

If you have already received the receipt and didn’t get the in-game item(s) that you purchased (either in your Bag or in-game mailbox), please wait for another 5 to 10 minutes or restart the game. Sometimes the Internet lag might delay the delivery of the in-game item(s).

If you have received the receipt, please contact our customer service, if you still did not receive your item(s) after trying both ways.

Friends and Referrals

  1. If more than 3 friends have already downloaded the game from your link, the first three who have successfully registered will be displayed in the interface and you will receive rewards for them.
  2. If your download from your link was not successful, your invited friends will not appear in the list of referrals.

No, unfortunately you cannot add a previously deleted friend to the list.

Your invited friend must install the game by clicking on the link you sent for the first time. If you have any additional questions, please contact technical support in the game for consultation.

Click on a player’s avatar to view information about a player, click on the Block button on the panel to block a player.

Click the Friends List button, there will be a battle icon next to the player information in the interface.

You can send 30 friendship points per day, and get 20 friendship points from your friends per day.


Click the “block” button on the player’s info screen.

Yes, there is a 4-hour cool-down after you leave a guild.

Yes, there is a 4-hour cool-down after you leave a guild.

No, there is no limit on Guild Coins.

After the guild leader has not been online for more than 15 days, the guild leader will be automatically transferred to eligible active members in the guild.

Guild members can acquire personal activity points by completing daily quests. Each personal activity point is rewarded one Guild activity Point.

Increasing guild level allows the guild to:

  • increase the maximum number of guild member
  • strengthen your guild with more guild elders;
  • access to other optional guild badges.

You can upgrade your guild activity points by encouraging your guild members to complete quests.

  1. Each player can contribute no more than 100 Guild activity points per day (Players cannot re-contribute Guild activity points if they changes their Guild membership).
  2. The maximum of the accumulated Guild activity points is decided by the Guild level.
  3. If the current accumulated Guild activity points reach the maximum, Guild members can no longer contribute Guild activity points, until the maximum of the accumulated Guild activity points increases with the Guild level.

The number of guild elders depends on the levels of a guild. A guild below level 3 can 2 elders and that above level 3 can have 3 elders.

Mail and Bag

Yes, the messages in the in-game mailbox will be auto-deleted, please collected the attached item(s) in time.

No, the items you acquire after your Bag is full will be sent to you via in-game mail.

No. There is an accumulation cap for each kind of item in Bag. The items you acquire after your Bag is full will be sent to you via in-game mail.

For heroes, the maximum number of heroes depends on your VIP level. Also, you can spend Dragon Shards to unlock more spaces for heroes.


Common Summon:

  • You get a golden Hero at your very first summon.
  • You get a golden Hero for the first time you summon 10 heroes at once.
  • After your first summon of 10 heroes, every 30 summons of heroes promise a golden Hero.

Friendship Point Summon:

  • No hidden bonus applied.

Faction Summon:

  • Every 30 summons gives a golden Hero.

Different factions are counted separately.

Dragon Summon:

  • Every 60 summons will promise you a golden hero of your choice.

Different summons are counted separately.

Heroes Probabilities:

  • Common Summon & Faction Summon: Bronze 50%, Silver 45%, Gold 5%
  • Friendship Point Summon: Bronze 50%, Silver 47.5%, Gold 2.5%
  • Dragon Summon:Any Hero 2.5%

In Heroes panel, you can find the “Reset” button on the left.

All resources used to develop the reset Hero will be given back to the player.

In Heroes panel, you can find the “Retire” button on the left. Only common tier heroes can be retired.

You can level up your heroes with coins, beryl, and experience in the hero panel. (The tier of the Hero and the level of the Adventurers’ Squad co-determine the maximum level that a Hero can grow to.

You can unlock skills by upgrading your heroes.

The maximum level for heroes of different tiers are different. Followed are the details:

  • Bronze Lv.125
  • Silver Lv.125
  • Silver I Lv.125
  • Gold Lv.125
  • Gold I Lv.150
  • Gold II Lv.175
  • Gold III Lv.200
  • Gold IV Lv.225
  • Gold V Lv.250
  • Legendary Lv.300

Factions are the groups that heroes with common geographic origins or ethnic and moral beliefs belong to.

Extra buff will be activated by choosing the heroes from the same faction to battle.

Bounty quests should be challenged and completed by the heroes of designated factions.

Enter the Info Panel of a specific hero and click the gear of the hero to open Gear Enhancement Panel,where you can upgrade the gear of your Hero with coins, gear coins or other equipment that you have acquired. Crude gear cannot be upgraded.

The 5 heroes with the highest level in a Squad will become the leaders automatically. Leader heroes are placed in slots according to the ranking of their levels, with the strongest hero on the left.

The level of the Squad is equal to the level of the lowest leader hero placed in Slot 5, or Slot 4 if Slot 5 is vacant. When Slot 4 is vacant, the Squad is levelled up with the entry level 1.

Hunter’s League

During each cycle, which is 44 days, you get hunter coins, automatically you increase your hunter experience, respectively, the more hunter coins you get, the higher your level.

After your Hunter Experience reaches a certain value, your rewards will correspond to the conditions of the new level, they will also increase.

In the Bounty Ledger part, there are requirements for the class and faction of heroes, please make sure that the hero you choose meets the current mission requirements.

The task in the Hunting Action will remain until you successfully complete it.

Epic hunting action is triggered in mainline adventures, trials, dungeons, and other modes according to your game progress.


Arena ranking starts at the beginning of each season and your arena points accumulated during the 2-week season are reset at the end of each season.

The daily number of free challenges a player can take in the arena depends on the player’s VIP level. You will have more free chances to take arena challenge as your VIP level grows.


Raid is unlocked after Stage 4-4.

You can unlock the main map after reaching specific chapter in the Campaign. For instance, the map for Desert is unlocked in Campaign 4-4, and the map for Jungle in Campaign 8-4.

When you pass a chapter/a scene, the following one is unlocked automatically. For instance, Desert 2 is unlocked when you pass through Desert 1.

No, the rewards in scenes are given to players for one time only.

Some scenes have a few different pathways and endings, depending on the actions and decisions of the players. Please feel free to explore and enjoy your discovery of different story lines!

Players can enter only one scene at a time. You can click to “close and reset all scenes” on the top right corner of Scene Menu. If you want to rebattle a Scene you are playing, simply click the button on the top right corner to reset and restart the current scene.

The abilities of heroes are not restricted by their levels.

It will be easier for the player to battle in the scenes after they reach the recommended level.

The Scene Boss is unlocked when you successfully pass through all the chapters in the Scene.


You can choose one of the two great souls – the soul of bravery and the soul of persistence, to help you through the challenge to acquire the treasure of the Trial.

New abilities are unlocked randomly, subject to the level of the heroes in Legendary Trial. For example, if a hero is below level 4, the abilities unlocked for this hero are below level 4 accordingly.

The Trial is reset every 48 hours.

Trial tokens are used to exchange the heroes in the Trial Shop.


The rewards will depend on your idling time and your VIP level.

Originally, idle rewards can accumulate for a maximum of 12 hours.

The accumulation cap increases with the VIP level.

The daily set happens UTC 0:00.

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