Snow Mountain – Cave

Our heroes continue climbing the Snow Mountain Magnum Quest and enter the Cave. Today we are going to take a look at the second adventure from this campaign. It should be noted that for a complete walkthrough, you will receive 130 gold soul dices, which is equivalent to 2 gold heroes. The adventure also has secret rewards! So let’s try to complete the trial 100%. For a comfortable walkthrough, it is advisable to have a team of 225+, since the starting opponents at level 195, and the final boss is level 240. The stage opens after passing 13-34 of the “Battle” mode.

Background of the Snow Mountain – Cave

About halfway up the mountain, a wonderous maze lied before our heroes and blocked their way forward. In order to find the truth he sought, Aurik had to lead his companions deeper into the mountain. Meanwhile, Karl had already grown suspicious of Aurik’s identity.


A lot of gold, Beryl and 130 gold dices await you for completing the Snow Mountain – Cave adventure.


  1. A general recommendation for adventures is to collect relics that increase damage, speed, or energy.
  2. To pick up all the treasures, you need to kill all elite opponents on the map.
  3. Camps with black emblems do not (usually) grant buff relics.
  4. Pay attention to the tent on the right, the heroes in it constantly change when you restart the dungeon. If you want to catch any of the S tier hero, you can try your luck several times. (This rule applies to all adventures in the Campaign)
  1. Next, you need to defeat the enemies in the center of the location. Start from the very bottom. Collect rewards and kill the left enemy.
  2. Talk with the gnome.
  3. Activate the brazier from above and go up to the left for the reward.
  1. Pass east to the next room.
  2. Above is a strong opponent, with whom there is one trick. Before the battle, you will have a dialogue with him, choosing the first option “Confirm the pedigree”, you will immediately win and take the relic of the enhancement. But then you will not receive one elite reward. If you want to complete 100%, then choose “Beat”.
  3. Pass into the next room and activate the torch in the center.
  4. The wind puzzle will start. The solution here is simple, you need to watch where the wind is blowing and kill opponents in its direction. In our case, it was, we kill the first enemy in the north of the room, the second – in the east, the third – again north, the last – in the south. The order of killing mobs has changed during the replay, so be guided by the wind direction!
  5. After a portal will appear, but do not rush to enter it, walk around the rooms and collect all the rewards!
  6. Return to the previous room and kill the opponents on the right.
  1. In the room, 4 strong opponents are waiting for us (in each Gaia level 226). They must be killed.
  2. Now we go into the portal from point 12.
  3. In the room that appears, kill all the opponents of the Dwarfs.
  1. Pass further and kill the Final Boss (level 240).

Secret rewards

If you want to receive a secret reward of 50k gold and 10 draw coupons, you will have to restart the event. Attention, in order to receive the reward, you must fulfill the conditions: do not take tents, altars and bowls, beat opponents only those that interfere with the passage. The secret is in the room north of the portal. Click on the center of the wall (may take several times).

Good luck in the Snow Mountain – Cave Magnum Quest.

5 thoughts on “Snow Mountain – Cave”

  1. didn’t work for me, show the portal, but i keep clicking on the wall after the portal and nothing happens (did the requiriment).

  2. Secret Reward has no requirement anymore. After the portal appears, just double tab the top wall before taking the gold equipment treasure 🙂

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