The Magnum Quest Campaign is a special section of adventures in which you have to complete tasks in order to receive rewards. You can get into this mode through the “RAID” menu and choosing “Adventure”. Depending on your progress in Battle, campaigns will be available to you. For more details on the stage after which the next campaign opens, see the article – Some adventures have hidden rewards that are not shown in the overall rewards and are hidden in the level.

Campaign Rules

Challenge limit
Players can enter only one scene at a time. When you leave a scene, you need to reset it before entering another or restart the current one.

The rewards in a scene will be given to players for a single time. Player will not regain the rewards after the scene is reset.

The enemies in a scene are never upgraded. If you find them hard to defeat, you can get back when your heroes level up.

Information record
You can click exclamation mark button in the upper right corner to check the records on dialogues or key information of the scene.


  1. All enemies in the campaign stage have a fixed level, so if it is difficult for you to complete a new chapter right after the opening, you should wait a little and increase the level of your team. Then it will be much easier to complete the stage.
  2. Many chapters of the Magnum Quest campaign have hidden rewards that can be obtained by fulfilling certain conditions. Follow the guides on our website to collect all the prizes.

Walkthrough guides

Desolate Desert

Forest Ruins

Dragonbone Snow Mountain

Deadsea Prison

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