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The forest hero Shael Magnum Quest is an excellent archer who can deal damage from a distance, and also blocks the use of invisibility by enemies.


Ambush (shuriken)



RarityLegendary V
RoleContinuous Damage
Role 2Buffer

General mode


Guild Bosses

Guild Boss




Sharpshooter [Lv.3]

Shael starts charging the power device, increasing 30 HASTE for 5 seconds. Once the device is charged, Shael shoots an arcane arrow in front, dealing magic damage equal to 50% of the damage dealt during the charge to all enemies on the path. Shael cannot use the flash bomb or charge again during the charge.

LV2: Shael increases 40 HASTE. The cooldown of the split arrow is 0 during the charge.
LV3: The arcane arrow deals damage equal to 100% of the damage dealt during the charge.

Explosive Bomb [Lv.4]

Shael shoots an arcane bomb to the target, dealing 120% ATTACK magic damage. The arcane bomb explodes once upon hit, dealing 50% damage to nearby enemies in a small area.

LV2: Shael deals 140% ATTACK magic damage.
LV3: Every 20 ACCURACY increases the explosion area by 50%. It increases up to 200%.
LV4: Shael deals 160% ATTACK magic damage.

Flash Bomb [Lv.3]

Shael shoots a flash bomb to light up the battlefield and remove all enemies’ [Cloak], increasing all allied heroes’ ACCURACY by 20 for 8 seconds.

LV2: The flash bomb also reduces all enemies’ magic damage resistance by 20%.
LV3: The flash bomb blasts 12 seconds. The cooldown of the flash bomb resets when an enemy activates [Cloak].

Fine-Tuning [Lv.3]

All of Shael’s skills cannot be dodged, and every point of ACCURACY increases damage by 0.25%.

LV2: Every point of ACCURACY increases damage by 0.5%.
LV3: Every point of ACCURACY also increases CRIT RATE by 0.5%.



Shael a useful hero who can come in handy in difficult stages. 

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Shael is the mixed child born to a high elf and a dark elf. She’s obsessed with engineering and technology, and once even developed a weapon of mass destruction. She refused to disclose how the weapon was built and was consequently imprisoned by the ruler of the dark elves. It was in the prison that she met Wulfric, the two, in collaboration, successfully escaped the dark elves’ territory and ventured towards the City of Vice in search for advanced techs.


As a mixed elf, Shael is charming in her own way. Unlike other girls who are bubbly and playful, she devoted her passion to creating all sorts of “trinkets” . She never paid attention to her looks and was often seen in her work clothes with her golden hair tied and wrapped up almost all the time.

Rare materials, parts that are hard to come by, these are her favorite presents. She’s soft on the outside but stubborn within, this usually agreeable girl could be surprisingly uncompromising when someone’s about to cross the line.


Shael was brought up in a human city. Her residence was in a dead end of an old alley no one dared to approach, where strange odors and sound of explosions were detected more often than anyone would like. People saw her as an oddball, an elf girl who’s young and beautiful like a blooming flower but devoted all her youth to a pile of junk.

It was when little Shael just arrived in this city that she saw an automated arcane robot for the first time in her life. The metal giant gently stroked her hair, leaving her in total amazement. Her father spent all his life savings and found her a tutor in engineering and technology. Before long, even the tutor was amazed by Shael’s talent. Combining her knowledge in both arcana and mechanics, she created a bow capable of shooting arcane missiles.

As she grew up, Shael became more accomplished in engineering and technology. She’s no longer contented just building trinkets, and the idea of a weapon of mass destruction slowly took form in her head. She needed even rarer materials, things she couldn’t afford. That’s extending her an invitation from their ruler, Merialeth,
who welcomed Shael to return home and offered support for her research. Shael didn’t give it much thought before leaving her father and returning to her homeland to continue her research. Soon, the last technical challenge was overcome, and Shael successfully completed a weapon capable of delivering enormous power of destruction.

Merialeth treacherously seized the weapon and tried to trick Shael into revealing the secrets of its construction. Shael suddenly realized the consequences of such a weapon falling into the wrong hands, it could lead to the loss of countless lives. She kept her mouth shut and took the opportunity to destroy her creation when the guards weren’t looking. Merialeth was furious and threw her in the dungeon.

Aside from a strange man delivering meals, there wasn’t when an emissary of the dark elves reached out to her, another soul in sight behind those walls. The strange man wore heavy shackles and appeared to be both deaf and mute. Shael tried communicating with him but never got a response.

Merialeth forced Shael to continue her research and sent her materials from time to time. Of all the materials, Shall found that the strange man showed particular interest in a dragon scale. In one of her experiments, Shael nearly got wounded in an explosion. The strange man happened to be there to deliver her meal and pulled her out of harm’s way in the nick of time. That was the first time Shael heard the strange man talk. His name is Wulfric, one of the survivors from the City of Vice. Merialeth kept him around in hopes of getting some information out of him regarding the fabled city.

The City of Vice was once highly advanced in engineering and technology, but all its evildoings eventually lead to a horrifying fire that devoured it whole. No one dared to approach the ruins filled with death, and the city became the breeding ground of all sorts of evil creatures, where unspeakable secrets, along with highly advanced technologies, are buried in the rubbles.

Shael gave the golden dragon scale to Wulfric as a gift and gained his trust. Combining their expertise in tech, the two escaped the dark elves’ territory and together, they ventured towards the City of Vice.

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