Deadsea Prison – Plaza

Deadsea Prison – Plaza is opened to us after completing Stage 16-4 of the “Battle” Magnum Quest mode. This is the next chapter of the adventure after Dragonbone Snow Mountain. If you have difficulties with the walkthrough of the previous campaigns, then we advise you to grow up you power, because here you already need a 235+ team (for a comfortable walkthrough). The final boss is at level 255. There are also secret rewards in the adventure. To collect 100% of the rewards, you will have to complete the adventure at least 2 times. Read the details in our guide!

Background of the Deadsea Prison – Plaza

As our heroes departed the Dragonbone Snow Mountain. they discovered the carvings of the Dragon Pattern and ancient texts on a stone bridge. According to the knowledge acquired from the White Tower, there’s a prison on a remote island, there lived a person of mysteriously old age, who might possess the knowledge of the Dragon Pattern. Our heroes ferried across the Dead Sea in search of the man from the Legendary Era.


There is nothing particularly valuable in the rewards, except for 5 faction draw coupons.


  1. A general recommendation for adventures is to collect relics that increase damage, speed, or energy.
  2. To pick up all the treasures, you need to kill all elite opponents on the map.
  3. Camps with black emblems do not (usually) grant buff relics.
  4. In the adventure Deadsea Prison – Plaza there are secret rewards, which are written about at the end of the guide.
  5. After starting the adventure, talk to all the NPCs in the area.
  6. To get all the rewards, you will have to fight the enemies in the north in front of the gate. Talk to the Chief and select the “Threaten with words”. To make it easier, you can fight first with weaker opponents behind the miniboss.
  1. Pass on and read the hint. From it, we learn that we need to kill 3 opponents in order to get to the main boss.
  2. To call opponents, you need to activate the levers in the center of the room. But we advise you to kill all enemies in this area first.
  1. Behind the backs of enemies, there are many additional sections with various rewards and power-ups.
  2. There is a teleporter behind the northeastern enemy, which takes you to a random room with relics and rewards. There is a teleport back at the end of the room.
  1. After cleaning, return to the center of the room and press the levers. You can click in any order. (The two upper levers summon Ares and Osishe, they are quite heavy opponents, so you can leave them alone).
  2. After each boss kill, a chest with golden relics will appear in his cell.
  3. There are passages behind the cells where the bosses sit. There are rewards.
  1. Unfortunately, in order to collect 100% of the rewards, you will have to go through the adventure a second time and call on those bosses that you excluded in the first walkthrough.
  2. Pass to the Final boss and complete the adventure.

Secret rewards

The secret reward is located behind the portal when you exit the dungeon on the right.

Good luck in the Deadsea Prison – Plaza Magnum Quest.

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