Deadsea Prison – Confinement

The Confinement are the last part of the Deadsea Prison campaign. And the developers gave us a gift in the form of one of the best heroes for bosses – Feng. But in order to get it, you need to kill the final boss, it’s not easy to do this. Initial opponents start at level 260, and the last ones start at level 300. We recommend you have a team of 250+ for a comfortable walkthrough. Access to the adventure opens after stage 19-4 “Battle”.

Background of the Deadsea Prison – Confinement

As the floor crumbled beneath their feet, Aurik and his companions fell through it and descended down to the lowest level of the prison. The way back quickly became blocked by the rubbles, our heroes realized that the fortune has favored them because none of them was hurt. They quickly checked their surroundings and confirmed this was the solitary confinement mentioned in the legends. It was damp and cold, Aeluin shrivels as the chilling wind swept through the corridor. Not only did our heroes need to locate [that man], they also need to find a way out.


As we wrote above, for the complete walkthrough we will receive a copy of the top hero Feng, as well as 10 draw coupons, a lot of beryl and gold.


  1. A general recommendation for adventures is to collect relics that increase damage, speed, or energy.
  2. To pick up all the treasures, you need to kill all elite opponents on the map.
  3. Camps with black emblems do not (usually) grant buff relics.
  4. To collect all the rewards, you cannot approach the old man in the upper right corner. If you free him, he himself kill one of the opponents and you do not receive any rewards.
  5. First of all, pass carefully between the mobs to the right, having collected the tent, to the far lower chamber, where a golden chest with 3 golden relics awaits us. To make it easier, you can restart the adventure to get good relics.
  1. Move to the room above and activate the lever.
  1. Now clear the area from monsters and collect rewards, do not touch elite enemies yet.
  2. Do the same in the central and left parts of the map, do not touch the elite enemies yet.
  3. In the upper left part of the map, open the gate and activate the lever. All gates in the server cells will open.
  1. Pass and clear the upper cells, BUT do not go to the far right with the old man.
  2. You can now kill elite opponents from the bottom left and right. We will get the pieces of the key from the main gate.
  1. Collect everything that you left on the map (rewards, altars, bowls or tents).
  2. Pass to the upper central gate and open them. The final boss awaits us behind them.
  3. Kill him for the first time, after which the next Final boss will appear. There will be fire around him, you do not need to walk on it, as it inflicts damage on your heroes in percentage.
  4. Kill the final boss.

Good luck in the Deadsea Prison – Confinement Magnum Quest.

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