Forest Ruins – Entrance

Forest Ruins is the second chapter of the Magnum Quest Campaign. Access to the first stage “Entrance” opens after stage 8-4 of the “Battle” mode. It can be difficult to collect all the rewards, so read our guide and wish you good luck! For a comfortable walkthrough, the recommended team is level 200+. The stage starts with mobs of level 130, the final boss of level 230 (he is represented by the only one hero Zander). If you want to collect all treasures, then you need to defeat him in 20 seconds in the first battle with the level 230 boss! (at this stage you will have only one relic).

Background of the Forest Ruins – Entrance

As they ventured across the edge of the forest, they heard a disturbing cry. Recognizing that the voice came from an elf, Aeliun decided to check it out. They followed the sound of the cry but found no elf, only a goblin in sound sleep. Lying next to him, is a glowing runestone.


In rewards, I would like to note a large number of bags of gold (6 hours), which will be very useful when buying Beryl in the store, 5 faction draw coupons and 10 gold soul dices.


  1. A general recommendation for adventures is to collect relics that increase damage, speed, or energy.
  2. To pick up all the treasures, you need to kill all elite opponents on the map.
  3. Camps with black emblems do not (usually) grant buff relics.
  4. In the adventure, you have to chase Zander (level 230) and kill him every time you meet him. If he is beyond your strength, then in the first meetings you can put one weak hero against him, whom he will kill, but the progress of the adventure will go further. Kill him when you collect powerful relics. But then you won’t be able to collect all the rewards of the adventure!
  5. There are green crystals on the map, they allow you to remove the protective shield from the boss for attack.
  1. To get to the treasures behind the back of the second boss, you need to go from below and kill the Elf Guardian.
  1. After killing the Elf, we kill Zander again and move on.
  2. Behind the grate, which can be opened by clicking on it, we will see an NPC who turns out to be the sister of the elf. After the dialogue, she will disappear and open the way for us to the next green crystal.
  3. Kill all monsters and the boss. Take all the rewards.
  4. Let me draw your attention once again, in order to complete the stage 100%, you must destroy the boss every time you meet him!

Good luck with the Forest Ruins – Entrance Magnum Quest.

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