Snow Mountain – Top

Snow Mountain – Top is probably the most coveted Magnum Quest adventure yet. Access to it opens after passing stage 15-4 of the “Battle” mode. And the most desirable it is because for the complete passage of the trial we get one copy of one of the best heroes – Ares. For a comfortable walkthrough here, you already need to have a level 225+ team, since the initial enemy camps start at level 210, and the final boss is 252.

Background of the Snow Mountain – Top

An unsettling and heavy wind from the mountaintop blew out the ember, the wind direction seems to be under the control of some type of magic or mechanism. Only one last test remained before our heroes could reach the dwarven treasures. Will Aurik reveal his royal identity to Karl? Amongst the ruins of the Dwarf Kingdom, what secrets lies inside the vault?


The rewards include the hero Ares, a chest with 3* equipment to choose from, and much more.


  1. A general recommendation for adventures is to collect relics that increase damage, speed, or energy.
  2. To pick up all the treasures, you need to kill all elite opponents on the map.
  3. Camps with black emblems do not (usually) grant buff relics.
  4. The adventure begins right away with a puzzle where you have to shoot a cannon, focusing on the direction of the wind. But first, clear the room from all the mobs, collecting rewards. Kill mobs in the right room (if difficult, return there after point 10 of the guide).
  1. After destroying 4 opponents, we return to the left room and take 2 cannonballs for the cannon. You can only carry 2 cores with you.
  2. Shoot from the cannon and destroy the left block of ice. The flight path of the balls changes with the wind.
  3. Pass to the place of penetration and destroy the camp of the enemies.
  4. Proceeding further we will find ourselves in a room with 3 opponents and a crystal. After killing opponents, levers will appear in their place. They control the direction of the wind on the map. The left one makes the wind blow to the west (to the left), the central one to the north, and the right one to the east (to the right).
  1. Click on the right lever.
  2. Return to the first cannon and shoot. You can again enter the room to the left and replenish the supply of cannonballs.
  3. Pass into the cleared passage and kill the enemy. Fall into the room with the cannon.
  4. To get out of the cannon right on target, you need to return to the room with 3 levers and use the central lever. This is what we do.
  5. Having directed the wind to the north, we shoot from the first cannon, destroying the central block of ice, and we pass into the northeast room with another cannon and also shoot.
  6. Pass further up the right side of the map and replenish the ammunition of the cores.
  1. You can fire the cannon again, lowering the health of the enemy.
  2. Kill two opponents and again shoot from the cannon.
  3. Go further north, replenishing the supply of balls.
  4. Pass to the right, kill the enemy and collect all the rewards.
  1. Now our task is to activate all the crystals on the map with cannon shots.
  2. Return to the nearest cannon and shoot from it (the wind is still blowing to the north). The northern crystal has been activated.
  3. Return to the starting room and head north. We protect the entire room from opponents in any order.
  1. Activate the remaining crystals with shots, changing the direction of the wind and picking up the cores as needed. Recall: the left lever, if you need to shoot to the left, the right – if we shoot to the right.
  2. Activating the right crystal removes protective barriers from rewards.
  3. Open the last gate in the north and kill the final boss.

Good luck in the Snow Mountain – Top Magnum Quest.

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