Snow Mountain – Foot

Snow Mountain – Foot Magnum Quest is a new chapter of the campaign, which opens after completing stages 12-4 of the “Battle” mode. For players who have just discovered this adventure, it may seem difficult, so it makes sense to levelup the overall level of the team to 200+ a little and go through it. There is nothing special about rewards, so you can consider it as a passing one.

Background of the Snow Mountain – Foot

In the forest, Lowell uttered the prophecy of Armada’s future, “head for what used to be the Dwarf Kingdom, there lies the truth you seek. ” After recovering their strength, our heroes ventured into the ruins of the Dwarf Kingdom to try their luck.


5 faction draw coupons await us for killing the final boss.


  1. A general recommendation for adventures is to collect relics that increase damage, speed, or energy.
  2. To pick up all the treasures, you need to kill all elite opponents on the map.
  3. Camps with black emblems do not (usually) grant buff relics.
  4. Move to the southeast by killing enemies in order to collect the relics of the enhancement.
  5. Talk with the gnome and pass to the north. Kill opponents.
  1. Moving further we will meet a mini boss who will give us the necessary item for the adventure.
  1. If it is difficult for you to defeat the boss, then you can first kill his minions, which will give enhancements.
  2. After killing you will be given the item “Magic Ember“. With this item, you can activate the braziers, which, in turn, will destroy the blocks of ice blocking the passage further.
  3. Activate the northern brazier.
  1. Pass further north, killing the enemy, and collect rewards.
  2. Now we activate the lower brazier and pass to the left. Kill enemies there (do not touch the brazier), return to the previous brazier and go down.
  1. Kill the boss, return and activate the remaining brazier from point 11.
  2. Activate the last brazier near the gnome and go further.
  1. After killing opponents, we will reach the final boss (level 250 opponents), which we need to kill.
  1. Collect rewards and complete the adventure

Secret Relics

There is a secret place in this chapter where you can get a chest with 3 relics. These are certainly not rewards, but for a player who has a hard time passing the stage, they will be a good bonus to strengthen the team.

The Gold Relic Chest is located in the Texture of Rocks to the north of where you started. Pass the location and take Magic Ember from Boss. Activate the upper lantern, that melts the ice and opens the lower lantern, activates the lower lantern and go down to the “Kidnapper-Dur”. Defeat him, speak with the prisoner NPC. Go back to the beginning of the location and pick up the traveler’s golden chest in the textures.

Good luck in the Snow Mountain – Foot Magnum Quest.

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  1. just noticed with my baby account they apprently changed the secret rewards to a single boost pick.

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