Forest Ruins – Deep

The Deep is the final stage of the Forest Ruins adventure Magnum Quest. It opens after stage 11-4 of the “Battle” mode. For a comfortable walkthrough, a 200+ level squad is enough. Starting opponents are level 170, the final boss is 210+. For completing this Campaign, you will receive one copy of the hero Derla (a good enough hero). This event is full of various traps and puzzles, so read the guide carefully as you go through to complete it 100%.

Background of the Forest Ruins – Deep

It was late night when they reached the depth of the forest. Aeluin kept silent along the way, Aurik understood what she was going through, he just wanted to find the chief of this place and help those poor elves.


As we said before, the final rewards include the hero Derla, so we strongly advise you to complete the adventure 100%. There are also many dices and 10 lottery draw coupons in the rewards.


  1. A general recommendation for adventures is to collect relics that increase damage, speed, or energy.
  2. To pick up all the treasures, you need to kill all elite opponents on the map.
  3. Camps with black emblems do not (usually) grant buff relics.
  4. If you want to collect all the rewards, then the first step is to kill the miniboss Carlotta, who stands with a dialogue icon at the beginning of the map.
  5. We move further to the right along the map.
  6. We move further to the east, killing all the enemies (we don’t need to go to the north yet).
  1. Read the scroll, there is a hint on how to open the portal back to the forest.
  2. Move to the right and again we meet the boss, which must be killed.
  1. After the kill, a passage to the north will open.
  2. Kill the enemy camps there.
  3. Then we meet the main boss of the adventure, whom we will have to kill twice.
  1. For now, let’s skip the fight with him and return to the passage in the north, almost at the very beginning of the adventure, where we kill the enemies.
  1. Pass into the portal and further kill the enemies.
  2. Collect all awards and return to the main boss. Kill him.
  3. Two minions of the boss will appear, kill the lower one. Do not touch the top!
  4. Read the hint.
  5. Now kill the top minion and are transferred to the island with enemies.
  6. First of all, kill the left gargoyles, which should give us the key to the treasures.
  1. After kill, it will open the fence behind the final boss.
  2. Kill the remaining mobs and we pass into the appeared portal.
  3. Collect the remaining treasures and kill the final boss (level 210 opponents).

Good luck in the Forest Ruins – Deep Magnum Quest.

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