Maintenance Update Notice

Dear adventurers

To enhance your gaming experience, we will be conducting a Closed Server Update on January 11th, 2024, from 9:00 to 12:00 UTC. After the update, all players will be rewarded with mindful compensation via in-game mail. Please download the update promptly after the maintenance and log in to claim your rewards.

PS: The end time of the maintenance may be subject to change based on actual circumstances. Please stay tuned for the latest official information.

The following is the optimized content of this update, and the final update content shall be subject to the game!

Part 1: New Features

  • New Gameplay: Heroic Challenge
    • Unlock Conditions: 4th day after server opening, adventurer level reaches 35.
    • Access: Dungeon – Heroic Challenge
    • Introduction: The Armuda Continent has a long history, and in this endless river of history, there are countless heroic figures. Some of their deeds are still passed down forever, while others have been lost in the annals of history. Now, you have the opportunity to face these heroes and challenge their spirits, to see if you have the strength to make a name for yourself in Armuda.
  • New Perk: Task Interface Upgrade, Added Achievement Goal Rewards
    • Upgrade Overview: Complete achievement tasks to claim rewards, and accumulating completed tasks can earn you achievement goal grand prizes!

Part 2: Optimization

  • Optimized the display order of sold-out items in the limited purchase shop.
  • Optimized the navigation for acquiring certain items.
  • Fixed the abnormal display of the upgrade prompt indicator for runes.
  • Fixed the abnormal display of the opening instructions text for the Artifact feature.
  • Fixed the abnormal display of the level privilege instructions for the Bounty reaching level 8.

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