Desolate Desert – Temple

The Temple is the final adventure in the Desert chapter of the Magnum Quest campaign. The opening of the stage takes place after passing 7-4 of the “Battle” mode. In the trial, there are a couple of points to pay attention to when passing through. For a comfortable walkthrough the recommended team is level 150+. The stage starts with mobs of level 130, the final boss is 175. Details in the guide below.

Background of the Desolate Desert – Temple

In the lost history, the Fallen One fled to the Armada continent with the stolen tablets, and took numerous innocent souls as hostage, so the gods couldn’t do anything about him. As darkness devoured the land, valiant men stepped forward, they rallied other races, and stood against him with nothing but their fragile bodies and extraordinary courage. With the gods on their side, the great army led by the king of men, Derek, finally defeated him. In his dying bed, the king took off his crown, and used its dragon relief as a seal to imprison the Fallen One in his own temple. The King’s spirit persisted, even to this day, Derek and his generals are still on watchful guard of this place.


In the rewards, I would like to note a large amount of gold, which will be very useful when buying Beryl in the store, 5 coupons for drawing a faction and 10 gold soul cubes.


  1. A general recommendation for adventures is to collect relics that increase damage, speed, or energy.
  2. To pick up all the treasures, you need to kill all elite opponents on the map.
  3. Camps with black emblems do not (usually) grant buff relics.
  1. After the start, kill the miniboss Ares and open the gate in the north.
  2. To open the secret passage behind Ares, you need to clear the entire room from mobs.
  1. After reading the scroll in the secret room, we learn that we should go west (to the left) and that on the east path we will meet a merchant.
  2. We pass further on the left side collecting awards and relics.
  3. At the end, a lever is waiting for us, until we touch it.
  4. We pass to the opposite eastern area, where the Merchant will be waiting for us.
  5. When dialogue with him, we choose the third option “Thank you, we don’t need anything.” In this case, he will open secret areas with rewards.
  6. We clear the entire area from opponents and collect rewards.
  7. The gate will open, where you need to clear two camps of mobs. After that, mini boss Arthur will appear in the center. We clear the two remaining camps.
  8. Collecting rewards and relics in the northwest and northeast areas of the map.
  1. After killing Arthur, the Final Boss Derla will take his place, opening a room with the main rewards of the adventure.
  2. We kill the boss and take away the rewards.
  3. Activate the lever from point 8 and open the side rooms. We collect awards from the western (left) room. All awards have been collected!
  4. In the eastern room, a trap with two level 152 opponents will be waiting for us, it is not necessary to kill them.

Good luck with the Desolate Desert – Temple Magnum Quest.

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