Detailed description of the new hero Revna

Upcoming Divinity Hero Reveal

New Divinity Hero Revna will be available to try out for 3 days from Dec 16th right after the maintenance!
May the victory be with you!

Tales of Revna can be traced back to the old time when the Oracle Tablet hadn’t been stolen by the Fallen One, before she became the Goddess of War.
There was a time when Revna and her twin sister Signe were charged to rule the defeats and victories of all warfare.

Unlike her sister Signe, Revna, the goddess of defeat, was cruel and indifferent. She never appreciated her sister’s mercy towards the mortal beings. To her, it was all meaningless and foolish. Even though Signe’s kindness was beyond her comprehension, Revna loved her nonetheless, unconditionally.

As the Fallen One raised the devil, Signe realized that the split pearl was no match for intrinsic powers possessed by other gods. She gave her half pearl to Revna without her knowing. At the expense of Signe’s life, Revna’s dormant powers were awakened by the merged two halves of the pearl. Revna became a true, complete god, while her sister Signe exhausted the last bit of her divinity, withered into a mere mortal, and died.

Losing her sister was a heavy blow Revna could hardly bear but after inheriting her sister’s divinity, her name is no longer associated with doom and failure, but has become a symbol of a fighting spirit that yields to no one.

There are words spreading among adventurers on the Armuda Continent that when they got the luck and met the Goddess of War, they heard the sound of justice…

[ By Signe’s will! ]

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