Recommended Sets for Heroes

We hope you’ve already read the article about Sets in Magnum Quest. In this guide, you will find out which hero is best suited for this or that set.

Harry(sun)/(fist)Survival, more buff for team and more tanking damage
Ares(axe)/(fist)Set “Axe” is good up to golden runes with a proc +20% Crit Chance, after golden runes better “Fist”
Arthur(sun)/(fist)Survival, needs Attack, but the Attack buff on the base set is very small (6%)
Aurik(shuriken)CRIT + DMG
Aeluin(brain)Heal is based on maximum Health
Bill(axe)DMG + the largest modifier on -PHYDMG complements passive
Veara(wing)Stats, Maximum Attack Increase
Cyan(spear)DMG and DDG
Gila(wing)Stats, Maximum Attack Increase
Ione(brain)Passive is based on maximum Health
Carlotta(shuriken)CRIT + DMG
Katos(fist)Passive is based on maximum Health
Naomi(brain)Shares stats to allies
Osishe(wing)Stats for tanking
Zander(shuriken)DMG + CRIT
Sur(brain)Sur share Attack to the team, needs Attack buff
Flann(book)CRIT + DMG
Fie(shuriken)CRIT + DMG
Feng(shuriken)CRIT + DMG
Hista(shuriken)CRIT + DMG
Cinia(brain)Shares stats to allies
Ecra(brain)Main damage from burning, burning does not crit, depends on Attack

5 thoughts on “Recommended Sets for Heroes”

  1. How do I tell if it’s fist or book gear? There are other indicators on the equipment asto what type it is.

  2. Means that after you get a golden red rune with a 20% crit chance proc on it, THEN you switch to (fist) gear 🙂

  3. “””””Ares (axe)/(fist) Set “Axe” is good up to golden runes with a proc +20% Crit Chance, after golden runes better “Fist”””””

    What is the meaning of the golden rune thing i quiet dont get it 🙁

  4. HeartBreaker

    I often use the “Equip Gear” button in the hero area of the game. Unfortunately, the result is not the same as described here. For Ares, I got the Destruction set rather than Fury set as indicated here. Should I proceed manualy all time ?

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