Update 12-16-2021

We have scheduled to shut down and maintain our servers for the latest update from 7:00-9:00 Dec 16, 2021, UTC. You will not be able to sign into the game during these 2 hours, but when the update is complete, we will send 600 Dragon Shards to you via the in-game mail system as a compensation for your inconvenience.

Here are the changes we’ve made for this update:

A Series of New Events

After the update, the home screen will switch to a holiday theme.

  1. Winter’s Blessing
    Description: Earn great rewards by staying online in the game while the event is active!
    Time: After the update is complete, Dec 16-31, 2021, UTC.
    Rewards: Festive Portrait Frames, Guild Badges, Trial Coins.
  2. Gingerbread Love
    All the gingerbread men cookies for the kids were scattered all over the land. We must find them quickly and help deliver a joyful holiday to the people of Armuda.
    Description: Earn rewards by completing event quests and retrieving Gingerbread Men while the event is active.
    Time: After the update is complete, Dec 16, 2021 – Jan 25, 2022, UTC.
    Rewards: Winden, Winden skin [Santa], Customize Chests of Light , Gold Soul Dice, Silver Soul Dice.
  3. Prank of the Year
    The God of Mischief is masquerading as Santa Claus and stirring up trouble everywhere, help Santa Claus drive him away and end this prank.
    Description: During this event, you can challenge fake Santa every day from the event page. Based on the battle performances throughout the last day, a certain number of [Christmas Gift Packs] will be sent to each adventurer via mails at 00:00 UTC every day. As the total Hatred generated by all adventurers grows, various types of [Christmas Delicacies] and rewards will be unlocked.
    Time: After the update is complete, Dec 16-25, 2021, UTC.
    Rewards: Christmas Gift Packs, Dragon Shards, Festive Portrait Frames.
  4. Lucky Roll
    Description: During this event, you can acquire Lucky Dice from Daily Activity Reward Chests and use them in the event page to earn rewards.
    Time: Dec 17-30, 2021, UTC.
    Rewards: Heroes, Runestones, Gold Soul Dice, Silver Soul Dice.
    *Note: When encountering the Treasure Merchant during this event, there’s a chance the adventurers who have cleared stage 14-20 in the campaign may exchange their Breath of Mortal for Breath of Spirit, and the adventurers who have cleared stage 18-20 may exchange Breath of Spirit for Breath of God.
  5. Xmas Rescue
    Santa Claus has been kidnapped by the God of Mischief and is now being kept in a maze. All adventurers are called upon to rescue Santa, and it will be a tough journey for sure.
    Time: Dec 20, 2021 – Jan 09, 2022, UTC.
    Rewards: Festive Portrait Frames, Faction Draw Coupons, Dragon Shards, Gold Soul Dice.

Newly Added Arcane Impression Card System

This new system will be unlocked when you venture past stage 19-40 in the campaign. Each Arcane Impression Card boasts unique powers that can boost the stats of your fielded heroes or grant them special effects.
You can attach Impression Cards to your battle lineup. Some cards can only be used in specific scenarios such as boss fights, but these cards usually carry stronger effects.

Newly Added “ACT TWO” in the Campaign

Clearing stage 30-60 in the Campaign will unlock the first 5 chapters of Act Two. Mighty adventures are about to create new legends on the continent of Armuda.

A New Hero

Revna, aka “Amor Fati” from the faction Divinity
With the arrival of a new hero, we have made it possible for you to try out new heroes before summoning them. To do so, simply tap New Companions on the home screen.

New Features

  1. Lineup Presets
    Clearing stage 9-20 in the campaign will lock this feature, you’ll be able to find it inside the HEROES section.
  2. Hero Voices in Battles
    Based on the feedback from numerous adventurers, we have decided to add in hero voices when they activate skills in battle. You can always turn it off when you pause battles or from the settings menu.
  3. Battle Replays: Hero Setup Review
    When viewing battle replays, you’ll be able to check out each hero’s detailed setup, including gear, Runestone, Star Map, and so on.
  4. Guild Filter
    You’ll be able to find the Filter function in the upper right corner of the guild search page, it’ll help you find the guilds that fit your criteria more easily.
  5. New Features in Chat
    1. Local Channel Switch: You’ll be able to switch quickly between multiple local channels.
    2. Language Filter: If you feel too much information is being censored by the system in chats, you can now disable or enable the language filter at will.
    3. Based on the feedback from numerous adventurers, we have added Guild Recruitment Channels to improve communication efficiency and the social environment. After the update, Guild Business Cards can only be shared inside Guild Recruitment Channels.

Hero Adjustments

  1. Merialeth, aka “Night Priestess”
    Her two skills [Puppet on Strings] and [Soul Syphon] have swapped places and skill effects have been adjusted. You can view details in the game.
  2. Emilia, aka “Nature’s Beloved”
    The issue where Emilia’s skill [Enchantment of Wind] failed to trigger her Star Map skill [Enhanced Therapy] has been fixed.
  3. Adjustments of Star Map Skills
    • Monroe: Star Map Skill “Veteran’s Instinct” is replaced with “Body of Endurance”.
    • Emilia: Star Map Skill “Adaptation to Ailment” is replaced with “Mind of Resistance”
    • Fare: Star Map Skill “Shield of Inspiration [Ultimate]” is replaced with “Divine Judgment [Advanced]”
    • Aurik: Star Map Skill “Shiny Armor [Ultimate]” is replaced with “Mind of Resistance [Advanced]”
    • Cinia: Star Map Skill “Domino Effect [Ultimate]” is replaced with “Art of Cleansing [Advanced]”
    • Alden: Star Map Skill “Show of Strength [Ultimate]” is replaced with “Body of Endurance [Advanced]”.
    • Merialeth: Star Map Skill “Show of Strength [Ultimate]” is replaced with “Domination [Advanced]”.

Other Adjustments and Optimizations

  1. More heroes will be available in the Trial shop: Arthur, aka “Shield of the Empire”; Gila, aka “The Eleventh”; Emilia, aka “Nature’s Beloved”; Veara, aka “Black Flame”.
  2. More heroes will be available in the Ladder shop: Lilian, aka “Canoness of Fortitude”; Issy, aka “Dream Eater Fox”; Osishe, aka “Ocean Hypnotist”; Lycidas, aka “Huntsmen’s Primogenitor”.
  3. The difficulty level of each battle from Chapter 20 to Chapter 30 in the Campaign has been lowered respectively.
  4. The Dungeons section has been extended to Level 600, the Dungeon – Factions section has been extended to Level 300.
  5. In consideration for future game balance, we have adjusted some of the stats of Runestones: DMG output, PHY DMG output, MAGIC DMG output, HST and DODGE stats have been raised. DEFENSE / ATTACK ENERGY REGEN stats have been lowered.
  6. A new type of stat has been added: Basic Attack Speed / Basic ATK SPD. A higher value of this stat means the hero can deliver basic attacks at a higher frequency. You can acquire and raise this stat by acquiring Runestones.
  7. In Hunting Action, the chance for acquiring Hunt Tokens from idle rewards has been raised. When Hunt Tokens are being used, the chance for activating [Battle] quests (as opposed to [Explore] quests) has been raised as well.
  8. Rewards for making the first purchase have been improved. All adventurers who have claimed first purchase rewards before will be entitled to the rewards again after the update.
  9. The manner in which the Auto Skill interface is displayed after you switch this feature on or off has been optimized.
  10. In the Portraits section, we have added in credits for the voice talents.
  11. The red exclamation mark that shows up when you acquire runestones before the Runestone feature is unlocked will be removed.
  12. To prevent misoperations, a second confirmation will be needed when a guild master tries to remove a guild member.
  13. When a hero levels up and unlocks new skills, you’ll be able to view skill details conveniently by tapping the skill icons without navigating to a different page.
  14. The issue where the Weapon Master is assigned the wrong occupation when he is equipped with the [Grandmaster] skin has been fixed.
  15. Some tooltips and help texts have been optimized.
  16. The graphics of some battle environments have been optimized.

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  1. There is no new version available in the app store! Can’t log in the game! Region – Austria

  2. Cant update on android app store. It says its not available in my region. Im from Austria, Europe and played it for a week or so before this update.

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