Prank of the Year 2021/12/16 – 2021/12/25

Christmas is right around the corner, but this year, Santa seemed to be a bit… different somehow. He snatched candies from kids, broke toys of the kittens, and scared all the good people who were just looking forward to a nice holiday.

Why was Santa doing all this?

It was until another white-beard jolly old man came around that the mystery was solved. It turned out the God of Mischief was the culprit behind all this, he masqueraded as Santa and wreaked havoc all around, which has brought Santa much headache.

Brave adventurers, please help Santa drive away the God of Mischief and deliver a joyful holiday to the people of Armuda!

The God of Mischief is masquerading as Santa Claus and stirring up trouble everywhere, help Santa Claus drive him away and end this prank.

Event description: During this event, you can challenge fake Santa every day from the event page. Based on the battle performances throughout the last day, a certain number of Christmas Gift Packs will be sent to each adventurer via mails at 00:00 UTC every day.
As the total Hatred generated by all adventurers grows, various types of Christmas Delicacies and rewards will be unlocked.

Event time: After the update is complete, Dec 16-25, 2021, UTC.

Event rewards:

  • Christmas Gift Packs,
  • Dragon Shards,
  • Festive Portrait Frames.

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