Shop in Magnum Quest is a game store where you can buy useful items or heroes for the game currency (Gold, Dragonshards, Retirement Coins, Trial Coins, Guild Badges, Dragon Heart Blood). Several sections are available in the store:

  • General,
  • Retirement,
  • Trial,
  • Guild,
  • Ladder,
  • Hunter Tavern (added with the Star Map for Heroes)

But not all rewards are created equal. Below is a table of what you should buy in the shop.

ShopWhat to takeNotes
GeneralOption 1 – Beryl with 75% OffTake every day without exception. Beryl is one of the most valuable resources in the game, it needs more than 1M to raise a team to level 300.
Option 2 – Beryl with 50% OffLess profitable than option 1, I prefer not to take it, because gold is spent on periodic events, where Beryl is even cheaper.
Option 3 – Silver runesBuy all silver runes after they appear in the store (for gold). The need for silver runes will disappear only in the deepest late when switching to golden runes.
Option 4 – 5* gearAppears late enough, you can take some gears for the main damage dealers (Ares, Ecra) to move forward in progress.
RetirementOption 1 (only) – 60 Gold Soul Dice for 18 000 Better than silver dices because gold is a chance for a non-food hero, and even if the hero is food, then 1 gold hero = 9 silver, which is more profitable than buying 9 silver from this store. Gold cubes are 3600 coins cheaper.
TrialOption 1 – Heroes. In order of priority – Derla / Aeluin, Aurik, ZanderBuy until the full collection of the hero to the legend (8 copies) or to the legend +5 (18 copies), at your choice.
Option 2 – Silver heroes (wood)Cheap enough to be a good option. Leave some food in the store to close the weekly purchase quest in the challenge store.
Option 3 – BerylBuy only after collecting all the heroes from the store for a legend or legend +5. Always keep a supply of currency in case new heroes are added to the store.
GuildOption 1 (only) – NOTHINGAny item other than 5* will be outdated, so there is no point in buying it in this store. After 20-60, 5* gear will begin to appear you can consider buying the necessary sets at first before the 10th demons are on the farm. Weekly quests for purchase in shops to complete at the expense of food for 2400 from the test store.
LadderOption 1 – SurSur is much stronger than Katos, so of the two to choose only her. Sur takes longer to collect than other heroes, but it is more rare. The Ladder shop is the only way to collect it reliably. After Sur, you can collect Katos.
Option 2 – Feng or FareFare is a great hero in progress, Feng is a great hero on bosses. Collect what you have problems with. Even if you are collecting Feng, it makes sense to buy 1 or 2 copies of Fare, because it works in progress and without stars.
Option 3 – Other HeroesCollection after 1 and 2 options.
Option 4 – Silver Soul DiceDO NOT take, too expensive.

Hunter Tavern

AnyAs a rule, gamers turn to this section of the shop when you need to leveling Star Map the specific hero. Therefore, the choice is yours which Tokens or Lights should be purchased for this.

The Magnum Quest Shop is a great source of resources and heroes. We hope this article will help you in the correct level up of your account. Good luck with the game!

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  1. Looking for more info on the game mechanics of the bags/chest of rewards that are 24-hour/6-hour idle rewards.
    Is there a max value for them?
    what happens to the reward if i am rewarded another of same item? does the amount reset/decrease?

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