Arcane Cards Guide

  1. Farm and Arcane cards priority.
    Cards give a good bonus in all modes, but nevertheless, you should not prioritize their farm, because you get them randomly and with a high probability the invested resources / money will bring less results than buying Starmap, heroes, etc. It is optimal to buy 2 times a day for gold + 1 time for 100 scales (you should not buy more, it’s too expensive).

A very important point on summoning cards:

  • at the bottom of the summon screen, the current bonus to a specific summons is displayed. It can be of several types
    • Increasing the chance to summon a card of a certain class
    • A certain rarity
  • I recommend accumulating dust for the summon and spin only on the day when the chance of getting exactly the card you need is increased.
  1. Received Mirror cards (for a certain number of spins of summoning cards) I recommend not to spend unless absolutely necessary.
  2. I analyzed all the main maps for Bosses and PVP in detail in the articles: Best Cards for PvP and Best Cards for Bosses
    • Do not disassemble all the cards, the cards not included in the list are either weaker or not yet playable. We are waiting for reworks, I will supplement them taking into account.
    • I don’t describe the cards for the passage of the campaign / factions separately, the principle of their selection is similar to that described in the following. paragraph
  3. Well, and most importantly, how to choose the right card for your team:
    1. We look at who you have the main DD in a team, physical damage or mage. Based on this, some of the cards will already disappear. We select the Red card from the list for your DD.
    2. We look at the main type of enemy damage physical / magic. We select a Blue card from the list that is suitable for this particular type of damage received.
    3. With a Green card on Bosses, choose between increasing the survivability of the team (Chief, Grom) or increasing the damage (Guss, Sur, etc.)
    4. With the Green Card for PVP, choose between additional control (Alden / Merialeth / Katos / Revna) or damage boost (Derla, Sur)

According to additional chance to summon cards:

  • Monday: Warrior
  • Tuesday: Guard
  • Wednesday: Hunter
  • Thursday: Rogue
  • Friday: Mage
  • Saturday: Priest
  • Sunday: Value Cards

Methods of Acquisition

  1. Arcane Impression Cards can be acquired from the Arcane Photo Studio.
  2. Each time you acquire a certain number of Arcane Impression Cards from the photo studio, you’ll be granted a Mirroring Impression Card, which can be used to enhance Arcane Impression Cards.

Methods of Enhancement

  1. Arcane Impression Cards grant greater benefits as they level up.
  2. You can level up an Arcane Impression Card by combining multiple of the same cards while spending a certain amount of Gold.
  3. The level of an Arcane Impression Card maxes out at 5. Once a card has reached its maximum level, any extra identical cards in your possession can be recycled and turned into Fluid Element.
  4. If you do not possess enough of the same Arcane Impression Cards for enhancement, you can use Mirroring Impression Cards as a substitute.

How to Use

  1. You can use Arcane Impression Cards in your battles to gain various benefits and advantages.
  2. The number of Arcane Impression Cards you can field in a battle increases as you progress further in your campaign. You can field at most 3 different cards to a battle.
  3. There are three types of Arcane Impression Cards, Offense, Endurance and Function. Each team can carry at most one card of each type.
  4. Some powerful Arcane Impression Cards can only be fielded in specific scenarios, such as boss fights or PvP battles. Such cards cannot be fielded outside these specific scenarios.
  5. When you engage in battles involving multiple teams, each Arcane Impression Card can only be attached to one team and cannot be attached to multiple teams simultaneously.

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