Space-time Mirage: Prison Interior – Garrison Guide

At the beginning of the event Space-time Mirage: Prison Interior – Garrison, you find yourself in a room with two tents. The heroes in the tents are generated randomly, so if you need a specific strong hero (for example, Ione or Sur), then you can restart the event as much as you want to catch these heroes.

The main task of the event is to guess which room the boss is in. The boss hides under a regular monster in the center of the room. He can move around the map depending on your actions, so watch what you do. Once you find the correct monster and kill him, a boss will appear in his place, which must also be killed to complete the challenge.

Prison – Garrison appears differently within the Space-time Mirage. Heroes, think of a way to find the boss, and defeat it for rewards!
Affected by the Boss, elite enemies and guards of all rooms will continue to respawn.

A maze journal that was left behind [Rules]:

  1. The boss has disguised himself as an elite. Find and defeat it to win.
  2. Red Rooms: Defeating the elite in the middle will scare the boss toward an adjacent room.
  1. Blue Rooms: Defeating the elite in the middle will inform you of how far away the boss currently is.
  1. White Rooms: Defeating the elite in the middle will unlock the room’s portal.
  1. Guards: Defeating a guard will raise the Alert Level (up to level 10), making monsters more powerful.
  2. Stealth Potion: You may get Stealth Potions when talking to NPCs. When used, you can ambush elites or guards without scaring the boss or raising the Alert Level. (The Stealth Potion can’t be obtained repeatedly)
  3. Guards and elites will continue to respawn while the boss is alive. So, well, best of luck!

Sometimes the Winden NPC has a record that can show the exact position of the boss on the map.

After killing the boss, do not forget to pick up the reward in the start event room. Good Luck!

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