Update 10-28-2021

We have scheduled to shut down and maintain our servers from 7:00-9:00 OCT 28, 2021, UTC. You will not be able to sign into the game during these 2 hours, but when the update is complete, we will send 600 Dragon Shards to each of you via the in-game mail system as a compensation for your inconvenience. Here are the changes we’ve made for this update.

The Dead Day Events

In the beginning of the creation of this world, two ancient gods were born – Light and Darkness. Their hatred for each other fueled their eternal conflicts.

In one of their battles, Darkness devoured Light, and the world was plunged into an endless night… until a hero, who had holy candies bestowed upon him by the gods, defeated Darkness with a long sword burning with a golden tlame, and returned Light to the world.

To preserve memories of the dark past, people celebrated Dead Day to remind themselves that the light they enjoy today is not without a cost.

  1. Call of Dead
    Event description: During this event, you earn great rewards by staying online in the game.
    Time: After the update is complete, OCT 28 – NOV 10, 2021, UTC.
    Rewards: Festive portrait frames, Beryl, Trial Coins, etc.
  2. Undying Royalty
    Event description: During this event, you can challenge [Prince Pumpkin] every day on the event page. Every day at 00:00 UTC, a certain number of [Pumpkin Candv Bowls] will be sent to each adventurer based on his/her battle performances throughout the last day. As the total hatred generated by all adventurers grows, various battle props and rewards will be unlocked.
    Time: After the update is complete, OCT 28 – NOV 06, 2021, UTC.
    Rewards: Pumpkin Candy Bowls, Dragon Shards.
  3. Trial of the Dead
    Event description: During this event, the Ancient Spirits in [Trial] and its [Hard Mode] will be changed and boast new skills. You may also come across new buff cards that double the benefits for all Shadow heroes.
    Time: OCT 30 – NOV 24, 2021, UTC
  4. Legacy of Dead
    Event description: During this event, you will receive candies bestowed by the gods in the Daily Activity Reward Chests. You can then exchange the candies for other rewards in the event Legacy of Dead.
    Time: NOV 07-20, 2021, UTC
    Rewards: Heroes, Runestones, Summoning Props and many more!
  5. An Awful Invention
    Event description: Complete missions in this event and help Flann find her black kitten to earn rewards.
    Time: After the update is complete, OCT 28 – DEC 11, 2021, UTC.
    Rewards: Hero – Derla, Skin for Derla, Silver Soul Dice, etc.

New System Online – Occupational Achievements

After the update, you can access your Occupational Achievements by tapping your portrait on the home screen. You can also tap the Occupation icon to view all heroes in that occupation.

Each occupation has its own Occupational Achievement Level. Higher levels yield more attribute bonuses for your heroes in that occupation.

Each time you obtain or ascend a hero that natively belongs to the Gold tier, you earn Occupational Achievement Points in his/her occupation, earn enough points and the Occupational Achievement Level will advance accordingly.

Hero Adjustments

Veara, aka Black Flame
Skill Clashing Dark Energy – The damage inflicted increases from 200/240/280% ATK to 400/480/560 ATK.
Skill Energized Slash – At LV3, the additional damage inflicted increases from 18% of the target’s lost HP to 30% of the target’s lost HP.
Skill Energized Slash – We have corrected the maximum damage dealt by this skill, after the update, this skill should be able to inflict damage that better fits expectation.
Skill Strike from Mist – The damage inflicted increases from 180/200/200% ATK to 220/280/280% ATK.

Julien, aka Ghost King
Skill Charge of Death – The damage inflicted at LV3 increases from 340% ATK to 400% ATK.
Skill Life Snatch – The damage inflicted increases from 120/140/160/180% ATK to 120/160/200/240% ATK.
Skill Ethereal Form – this skill has been overhauled, it will complement the hero’s HP restoration capabilities and increase his survivability.

General Optimizations and Adjustments

  1. The Settings button has been moved to the upper right corner of the home screen.
  2. You can now preview the portraits and the frames, after the update, simply tap your portrait on the home screen to see more details.
  3. After the update, the [Stone of Cleansing] , one of the Sage Stones, will bear the same effects across the Guild, Puppet Corps, Puppets War, and Attack on Demons sections, as it does in the Awakened Demons section.
  4. When you engage in Elite Continuous Combat in Battlefield of Gods, all your heroes’ remaining ENERGY at the end of each battle will no longer be carried over to the next.
  5. We have optimized some minute details in the Battlefield of Gods section.
  6. We have optimized the counteracting effects in the Puppet Corps section. Deploying heroes that naturally counteract the enemy leader will yield better battle performances.
  7. We have added in an opening sequence for [Frost Peak] in the Guild section. You can choose to skip the animation on the preparation page if you like.
  8. In the Trial section and its Hard Mode, the algorithm used for matching you with suitable adversaries has been optimized, which will make the combat difficulty more acceptable.
  9. The Weekly Activity Reward Chests now include a new item, [Gold Hammer].
  10. Some paid services in the Merchant section have been optimized.
  11. When breaking down runestones in batches, you can now select all runestones with one tap. Caution is advised!
  12. We have improved the user experience when you level up your squad by long presses past LV300.
  13. We have improved some detailed gaming experiences in Hunting Action.

6 thoughts on “Update 10-28-2021”

  1. Hi,

    I collect the black cats you gave at the event, but they do not appear in the bag. Where and how can we use cats?


  2. En la actualización por favor, antes en la prueba difícil, pues si era mas difícil ganar pero no imposible, ahora con mi equipo de 750k me toca vencer a enemigos de 4000k a veces mas, y no se por que aumento tanto el nivel, si antes en prueba difícil lo pasaba sin revivir a nadie

  3. Obviously, it seems all perfect, but there are some things that must be fixed in game soon.
    Also we are waiting for “donation event” where anyone can be rewarded by the amount of donation done.
    We expect more trials in campaign, we like the story.
    Thank you for a good work, guys.

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