Opening new features

As you progress through the chapters of the “BATTLE” mode in Magnum Quest, you will unlock new features in the game. This can be, for example, access to new sections of the store, new chapters of the Campaign or Runestones. The further you go, the more opportunities the game opens up.

Also, for completing chapters you will be given a reward. Usually this is a copy of a hero, summon tickets and VIP points. By the way, you can read about VIP bonuses here –

Chapter Rewards

ChapterHeroCouponsVIP points
1300 Dragonshards30
2Garaff (S)2 Draw Coupons30
3Sol (S)3 Draw Coupons30
4Ki’Nik (S)4 Draw Coupons30
5Grom (S)6 Draw Coupons30
6Len (S*)8 Draw Coupons40
7Gaia (S*)10 Draw Coupons40
8Barton (S*)10 Draw Coupons40
9Harx (S*)10 Draw Coupons40
10Sol (G)12 Draw Coupons50
11Karl (G)12 Draw Coupons50
12Newell (G)12 Draw Coupons50
13Ki’Nik (G)14 Draw Coupons50
14Grom (G)14 Draw Coupons60
15Aurik8 Faction Draw Coupons60
16Aeluin10 Faction Draw Coupons60
17Osishe12 Faction Draw Coupons60
18Carlotta14 Faction Draw Coupons70
19Guss14 Faction Draw Coupons70
20Naomi14 Faction Draw Coupons70
21Winden16 Faction Draw Coupons70
22Gila16 Faction Draw Coupons80
23Feng16 Faction Draw Coupons80
24Guss16 Faction Draw Coupons80
25Alden18 Faction Draw Coupons80
26Aeluin18 Faction Draw Coupons90
27Derla18 Faction Draw Coupons90
28Ares20 Faction Draw Coupons90
29Gold Faction Draw Coupon20 Faction Draw Coupons90
30Gold Faction Draw Coupon20 Faction Draw Coupons100
31Gold Faction Draw Coupon20 Faction Draw Coupons100

What opens (or updates)

Chapter-StageWhat opens
1-12х2 battle speed
1-12Weekly missions
1-12Fast Rewards
3-12Bounty Ledger
4-4Trial Shop
4-4General Shop (200 Beryl)
4-4Desolate Desert-1 (Campaign)
4-5Guild shop
5-12General Shop (400 Beryl)
5-12Guild shop (update)
5-34Desolate Desert-2 (Campaign)
7-1Guild shop (update)
7-1General Shop (1000 Beryl)
7-4Desolate Desert-3 (Campaign)
8-4Trial Shop
8-4Forest Ruins-1 (Campaign)
9-2Guild shop (update)
9-2General Shop (update)
9-18Awakened Demons (1-2 stage)
9-20Arena (Ladder)
9-34Forest Ruins-2 (Campaign)
10-22General Shop (update)
10-22Guild shop (update)
10-40Hunting Action
10-40Hunting Reward Order
11-4Forest Ruins-3 (Campaign)
11-18Awakened Demons (3-4 stage)
12-2General Shop (update)
12-2Guild shop (update)
12-4Dragonbone Snow Mountain-1 (Campaign)
12-40Skipping the arena combat animation
13-34Dragonbone Snow Mountain-2 (Campaign)
13-39Awakened Demons (5 stage)
14-20General Shop (Runes)
14-20Awakened Demons (Ash stage 1)
14-40Factions dungeons
15-4Dragonbone Snow Mountain-3 (Campaign)
15-20Awakened Demons (Ash stage 2)
15-40Dragon Summon
15-40Awakened Demons (6-7 stage)
16-4Deadsea Prison-1 (Campaign)
16-20Awakened Demons (8-9 stage)
16-20Awakened Demons (Ash stage 3)
16-40Guild shop (update)
16-40General Shop (1500 Beryl)
17-20Awakened Demons (Ash stage 4 (Gold Runes))
17-34Deadsea Prison-2 (Campaign)
18-20Awakened Demons (Ash stage 5)
18-40General Shop (update)
19-4Deadsea Prison-3 (Campaign)
19-20Awakened Demons (Ash stage 6)
19-40Arcane Impression
20-20Awakened Demons (Ash stage 7)
20-60Guild shop (update (5* gear))
21-1Awakened Demons (10 stage(5* gear))
21-30Awakened Demons (Ash stage 8)
22-30Awakened Demons (Ash stage 9)
23-30Awakened Demons (Ash stage 10)
30-60Act Two in the Campaign

The page is constantly being updated with the introduction of new features to the game Magnum Quest, so be sure to keep track of changes.

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