Undying Royalty 2021/10/28 – 2021/11/06

UNDYING ROYALTY Challenge the Prince Pumpkin!

On Dead Day, Prince Pumpkin will return attempting to make a disorder with the aid of the residual power left on the Continent by one of the ancient gods – the Darkness.

Adventurers are getting prepared by collecting the CHANLLENGE ACHIEVEMENTS in which an opposite power to the Darkness has been growing.

During this event, you can challenge PRINCE PUMPKIN every day on the event page. Every day at UTC 00:00, a certain number of PUMPKIN CANDY BOWLS will be sent to each adventurer based on battle performances throughout the last day. As the TOTAL HATRED generated by all adventurers grows, various battle props and rewards will be unlocked.

Event Time: From UTC 2021/10/28 to 2021/11/06


  • Pumpkin Candy Bowls,
  • Dragon Shard

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