Walkthrough Difficult Stages

When you can’t get through a stage in Battle mode in Magnum Quest, how often do you feel like giving up the game? There is one very useful function for this case.

You can view how other players have passed this level, in which lineup and watch the replay of the battle.

We hope you find this feature useful!

  1. Click on the level banner
  1. Then, in the lower left corner, click on the round icon
  1. You will see a list of players who have already passed this level, to the right of the icon there will be a diagram icon

By clicking on it, you can see information about the team which the player passed this level, as well as you can watch the battle.

This method will help you when choosing a team for a difficult level. This function is only available at certain of the most difficult stages of the chapter. Also, do not forget that much in the Magnum Quest game depends on the random and, sometimes, rearranging the heroes in places can greatly change course of the battle. Good luck.

2 thoughts on “Walkthrough Difficult Stages”

  1. Eskimo Callboy

    The list “Level Information” is nice, but often there are teams from 1978… Enemys are much stronger now and u have nö Chance Witz the Team in this Tipps.

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