Detailed description of the new hero Lyu Ying

Check out the mysterious hero from the East – Lyu Ying and his skills!
Adventurers can try out Lyu Ying before summoning him once he’s released.


Lyu Ying achieved enlightenment through spiritual training in the physical form of a giant panda. As an immortal, Lyu Ying could have used his magic to assume any form he’d like, but he chose to keep his original appearance. He likes to wear the color of green and has kept growing out his hair.


In the eastern continent, there are “12 perfected persons” who have reached the highest level of enlightenment. One of them is Lyu Ying, who was tutored by a master known only by the surname of Lyu, a Taoist priest in white.


His training on Mount Qing Cheng taught him reverence for all beings of the world, he carried within his heart the master’s instructions, and rarely resorted to violence.
Lyu Ying used to live in seclusion on Mount Qing Cheng and rarely revealed himself, but has now set foot on Armuda to resolve his last remaining bond with this mortal world…


[Lv.1] Lyu Ying enchants the area around him, the enchantment continuously applies the dissipate effect to all units within, nullifying all negative effects for allies and positive effectsfor enemies.
[Lv.2] If all Lyu Ying’s allies have fallen, the enchantment additionally deals damage to all enemies within.
[Lv.3] Within the enchantment, ENERGY REGEN is increased for all allies and decreased for all enemies.

[Lv.1] Lyu Ying doesn’t attack enemies if there’s an ally remaining on the battlefield, instead, each of his basic attacks is replaced with a Genuine Qi Wave, which heals the ally with the lowest HP percentage, and stacks one layer of [Genuine Qi] on Lyu Ying. When Lyu Ying has stacked 10 layers, he releases all accumulated [Genuine Qi] to create a Genuine Qi Burst, which greatly heals all allies.
[Lv.2] Each Genuine Qi Wave additionally restores small amount of ENERGY for the target, each Genuine Qi Burst additionally restores great amount of ENERGY for all allies.
[Lv.3] If all allies have fallen in battle, Lyu Ying’s Genuine Qi Wave instead deals damage to the enemies, his Genuine Qi Burst instead deals great damage to the enemies.
[Lv.4] HP restored by each Genuine Qi Wave is increased, HP restored by each Genuine Qi Burst is increased.

[Lv.1] Lyu Ying shoots out a paper spell at the closest enemy target, which inflicts the [petrify] effect upon it.
[Lv.2] If all allies have fallen in battle, Lyu Ying shoots paper spells at all enemies instead.
[Lv.3] The duration of the [petrify effect] is increased.

[Lv.1] When Lyu Ying is about to take damage that’s more than limited percentage of his max HP, he becomes immune to the incoming attack and stacks one layer of [Genuine Qi]. This effect has cooldown.
[Lv.2] If the source of the incoming damage is within the vicinity of Lyu Ying when this skill is triggered, it first suffers the [repel] effect, and then the [immobilize] effect.
[Lv.3] The threshold of triggering this skill is lowered, the number of the layers of [Genuine Qi] stacked is increasd, and the cooldown period is shortened.

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