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The Magic List of Magnum Quest is a very useful option. As we all know, among the heroes there are characters of different usefulness. Some are good at bosses, others in Arenas, and others in the overall progress of the game. Therefore, it is very important to competently approach the formation of the wish list. As more heroes are introduced, the usefulness of this function will only increase.

An interesting observation, the cube in the center of the screen displays portraits of all the indicated heroes on its edges!

One of the good options for filling the list is our Tier List, in which you can accurately identify the best heroes for any game direction.

Also, at the bottom of the Magic List window, a “Hot List” button has been added, in which you can see the most popular heroes in various sections of the game. You can also focus on him when filling out your wish list. Do not forget to select the chapter at the top whose characters you want to watch before analyzing.

Rules for the Magic List Magnum Quest

  1. Five heroes can be placed on the magic list foreach faction (excluding Divinity/Abyss), for a total of 20 spots; Only heroes from the corresponding faction can be placed in it.
  2. When all 20 spots on the magic list are filled with the heroes you want, the gold quality hero you get by summoning will be guaranteed to be the hero on the list.
  3. Leaving some of the spots on the magic list empty does not increase the obtaining chances of other heroes which are already on the list.
  4. The magic list will be updated with the addition of new heroes, and you can choose whether to add them to the list on demand.
  5. Heroes of the Divinity/Abyss faction are in the magic list by default. (Does not affect the original drop rate)
  6. You can use Dragon Crystals, Draw Coupons, Faction Draw Coupons or Friendship Points to summon heroes on the magic list. When you summon with Faction Draw Coupons, the gold quality hero you obtain will be the hero of the corresponding faction on the list.

We wish you good luck in Summoning heroes from the Magnum Quest Magic List!

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