Retire Heroes

When we make a summons in the game Magnum Quest, we get heroes from 3 echelons (gold, silver and bronze), bronze heroes are not particularly suitable for battle, but you can demobilize them and get retirement coins and Beryl (Beryl can be used to upgrade heroes, coins can be used to buy soul cubes).

If you go to the Retirement menu after summoning, you can see the following picture.

After selecting the desired heroes, you can demobilize them by clicking the Retire button. Or you can click on Auto-Select button, to select all bronze heroes.

For this procedure you will receive Beryl and Retirement Coins. Retirement Coins can be used in the Retirement Shop. They can be exchanged for soul dices, which can then be replaced with gold and silver heroes, depending on their color.

If you do not want to go into this menu every time and manually remove bronze heroes, the game has the “Automatically Retire New Bronze Heroes” functionality. It allows after summons to immediately perform this operation in automatic mode and receive a reward.

To do this, turn the switch to the “On” mode opposite this function in the “Retire” menu.

We wish you good luck with Magnum Quest and more Golden Heroes for you!

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