Hero skills

At the initial stage of the game Magnum Quest you will use heroes from the Legendary and Golden tiers (gold and silver). They differ not only in their development limit (gold can be leveled up to level 300, silver – up to 200), but also in the number of skills.

The gold echelon hero has 4 skills, the silver hero – 3 skills.

Level 1 hero skills are the basic skills of the hero, other skills will be available as the hero level rises. As the level rises, the hero becomes stronger.

Please note that Legendary Heroes (first screen) have 4 skills in their set, while Gold III has only 3.

Below are the tables with the unlock levels of the heroes’ skills.

Legendary Heroes (Gold)

Skill1 lvl2 lvl3 lvl4 lvl

Gold III heroes (Silver)

Skill1 lvl2 lvl3 lvl4 lvl

After midgame (level 226+ squad), silver characters are unable to compete with Legendary heroes in terms of skills or characteristics. Therefore, once this threshold is reached, you should completely switch to using the Golden Heroes Magnum Quest.

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