Forest Hero Cyan Magnum Quest was introduced in the game on June 1, 2020. All players paid attention to his appearance and drew an analogy with the silver hero Ki’Nik of the same faction.


Garaff is a forest support hero for Magnum Quest. Since the hero has a level of development up to a maximum of level 200, it is relevant up to the level of squad 226, then any golden hero will win against him due to his basic characteristics and skills.


Forest Hero Monroe Magnum Quest is a control Naga tank that can be used on bosses as a front row fighter. Has proven itself excellently on the Dumtior boss. For the rest of the content, it is weakly applicable. Has good damage for a tank character.


The Forest Hero Osishe Magnum Quest is one of the most useful heroes in progress at the moment. She has the strongest control in the game. She takes one of the enemies into a cage that does not allow him to perform actions or receive damage (with the exception of AOE skills). And the ultimate ability lulls and makes all enemies on the battlefield vulnerable for up to 5 seconds.


Forest Hero Fare Magnum Quest is a great tank to pair with Ares or Gaia. Thanks to his 3rd skill, he can attract enemies to him, which makes it possible for the above heroes to inflict tremendous damage. But there is one minus, after a while he will hit them with a shield and scatter them far from himself, which greatly reduces the AOE damage.


Ione Magnum Quest in addition to good control and a shield, also gives a second life to any character through the 4th ability “Vines to the Rescue”. The most powerful synergy with Ares, which makes him the most tenacious tank in the game: Iona’s invulnerability is triggered, Ares is healed from the shield and from the Ultimate, only then Ares’s invulnerability is triggered when his HP is removed again.


Emilia Magnum Quest is a good hero who interacts well with Fie. At level 176 will be unlocked an ability that increases the speed of allies. This bundle is widely used by many players. Emilia can also turn an enemy into a goose for 4 seconds.


Healer Aeluin Magnum Quest is one of the most powerful healers in the game. Possesses not only healing, but also strong control, which lures one of the opponents to your side, for a short period of time the battle becomes 6 vs 4. After level 176, she begins to impose shields on fully healed allies.

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