As with any multiplayer game, Magnum Quest has communities of players called Guilds. The main purpose of this function is joint killing of bosses, obtaining rewards and information assistance. Most likely in the future, more additional activities will be introduced for guilds, but for now, killing strong monsters is the main task.

The guild opens after passing stage 2-20 of the “Battle” mode. As soon as you open access to this function, you can either join an existing community, or create your own.

At the moment, the development of the Guild is limited to level 5. At the maximum level of a guild, it can include up to 50 people.

Guild LevelNumber of members

You will earn Guild Badges, which can be spent in the Shop on items of equipment for your heroes. Unfortunately only items are available in the store so far, but who knows, maybe some heroes will be added to it in the future. We advise you to accumulate badges and start spending them only on equipment 5*.

In addition, Guilds have their own internal chat.

Guild rules

  1. Guild activity points are rewarded for every personal activity point a guild member earns.
  2. Each members can contribute no more than 100 Guild activity points per day (Adventures cannot re-contribute Guild activity points if they changes their Guild membership)
  3. Every day the Guild boss is refreshed by the system. Each Guild member can challenge one time a day for free.
  4. The Guild boss will gain a buff every time when it loses a certain number of health points.
  5. Guild members will be given rewards after participating in a boss challenge. The higher the top one damage to the boss, the more will the members receive for their rewards.
  6. Guild badges can be used to trade items in Guild Shop.
  7. Only guild masters or elites can send guild cards on Local and Global channels. It can be sent every 60 seconds, and everyone shares the tooling time.

Guild Bosses

There are two types of bosses for Guilds:

  • Frost Peak Boss
  • Puppet Corps (4 Puppet bosses)

Frost Peak Boss

Frost Peak Boss Magnum Quest is a daily boss that requires a total of 240 Hatred Points to defeat. If at least 24 guild members gain 10 hatred points, the boss will be killed and you will receive 3 chests with rewards.

Please note that if you did not take part in the battle and the chests are already filled with 240+ points, you can still collect the rewards. To do this, you need to challenge him and open the chests after the end of the battle.


  1. Each guild member may challenge FROST PEAK once every day. Challenge attempts reset daily
  2. After each challenge, the damage dealt to the boss contributes to the increase of its [Hatred]
  3. The sum of [Hatred] contributed by all the members who have challenged the boss decides the progress of claimable hunting rewards. As the progress crosses each tier threshold, all participating members may claim corresponding progress rewards
  4. Joining a new guild does not change challenge attempts

Puppet Corps

Puppet Bosses can only be unlocked when your Guild reaches 15,000 activity points. Under ideal conditions with all 50 guild members fully active (at level 5), you will be able to earn 5000 points. That allows you to run an event every three days. The event lasts 48 hours, so the interval between boss spawns will be 1 day.

Boosted versions of heroes belonging to their factions will act as bosses:

  1. Gila (increased damage from Fortress faction)
  2. Bill (increased damage from Shadow faction)
  3. Monroe (increased damage from Wiid faction)
  4. Derla (increased damage from Forest faction)

Use anti-factions in boss fights to increase damage.

To close all 4 dolls, each member of the alliance must fight at least 6 fights. That is, usually, additional 3 more attempts are bought for dragon scales by all members of the guild.


  1. The guild leader or elites may summon a Puppet Corps at the cost of 15,000 Guild Activeness. It lasts for 48 hours, during which every guild member may challenge it 3 times for free.
  2. Each of the 4 bosses in the Puppet Corps has independent Hatred and corresponding progress rewards.
  3. The sum of [Hatred] contributed by all the members who have challenged the boss decides the progress of claimable hunting rewards. As the progress crosses each tier threshold, all participating members may claim corresponding progress rewards.
  4. Once all defeated, the summoned bosses of the Puppet Corps are automatically reset to [Intact State]. Guild members may challenge them again to earn basic battle rewards, but hunting progress reward chests won’t be reset, and no more Hatred will be earned.
  5. Guild members may purchase additional challenge attempts with Dragonshards. Each purchase grants [3] challenge attempts. Members may purchase as many attempts as they wish.
  6. New members who join the guild after Puppet Corps Hunting event starts cannot get challenge attempts. Nor can they purchase additional attempts with Dragonshards.
  7. After Puppet Corps Hunting event ends, participating members who have not claimed progress rewards yet will receive unclaimed rewards via mail.

Good luck developing your Guilds in Magnum Quest. If you have any additions or comments, leave them below.

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