Lucky Pull Event 2022/04/27 – 2022/05/12

We all have at times those crazy strikes of luck that can instantly turn a normal day into an amazing day. Today share your best luck with everyone. Our new event ENDLESS FREE SUMMONS is now online to celebrate Magnum Quest’s new version, which means every player receives plenty of Draw coupons. Let’s have a fun luck show-off!

Show everyone your luckiest ten-draw pull and win funky prizes!

Event Details:
Post the screenshots of you best, luckiest pull using 10 summons on social media platforms or Discord community. We will randomly draw 20 lucky adventurers from all the participants to GIVEAWAY our prizes!

Post your screenshots on #share your luckiest pull channel with your game ID and server number.

Other social medias:
Post the screenshot of you best, luckiest pull with hashtags #magnumquest and #free1000summons on your personal Twitter, Facebook or VK accounts, and add your game ID and server number.

Event time:
From 27/04/2022 to 12/05/2022

Rewards for each lucky winner:

  • 2000 Dragonshards
  • 10 Dragon Scales

How to participate?

  1. Make a screenshot of your luckiest pull using 10 summons.
  2. Post the screenshot of you best, luckiest pull on in the “Share your Luckiest Pull!” event chan.
  3. When posting remember to add your player UID, server number and in-game nickname.

Event rules and outline:

  1. The participants list will be drawn up from the posts under the relevant chan.
  2. This is a cross-platform event including Discord, Facebook, VK and Twitter.
  3. Any post sent in the wrong page, wrong chan or wrong hashtag will not be counted, so make sure you post in the right spot.
  4. Any post disregarding our community rules, or players spamming messages will result in a 3-day ban.

Let’s get summoning!!!

Love to all of our Adventurers!

3 thoughts on “Lucky Pull Event 2022/04/27 – 2022/05/12”

  1. Would have been nice to have this posted before I used 600 summon cards.

    That’s what I get for logging in early 🙁

  2. Since updated on 26/04/2022, I can not run my Magnum Quest on Emulator anymore, there are problems with resuming files (sucked on 32/38 then exit the game automatically), so any tips to fix this problem?

  3. Sono l’ID 3414920 e scrivo perchè non mi fa entrare nella pianura di smeraldo, perchè?

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