Patch Notes 1.2.0

We are going to have a maintenance on UTC 2020/10/26 6:00 – 7:30, during which time, you will not be able to login the game. After the maintenance, 500 Dragon Shards will be sent to you via in-game mail as a compensatory gift.

The Dead Day events will be open! Amazing events are going to be held in the Armuda Continent!

  1. Call of the Dead

Open in UTC 2020/10/27 – 2020/11/11

Adventurers who complete the login goals during the event will be greatly rewarded. For those who login 7 days in the event, the legendary hero, Ghost King Julien will join in the adventurer’s team.

  1. Treasure of the Dead & Legacy of the Dead

If you are seeking for the treasure and legacy of the dead, this is a good chance!

Candies granted by the god are the Treasure of the Dead, which will drop after defeating the dead-day enemies in Trial or opening daily chests during the event, UTC 2020/10/27 – 2020/11/09.

Collect Candies to exchange for the Dead Day avatar frame, legendary heroes, runestones and draw coupons, etc. Don’t miss the deadline to exchange for the Legacy of the Dead, the shop will only open during UTC 2020/10/27 – 2020/11/11.

We also prepare many new contents in the new version:

  1. Awakened Demons:3 powerful ancient demons are awakened in the Armuda Continent. Adventurers can find the entrance to challenge them in Raid after passed Stage 9-18. Defeating the demons will reward high-tier equipment sets.
  2. Runestones can be found in idle rewards and Shop for those adventurers who have passed Stage 14-20. Equipping heroes with runestones provides extra skills and attributes.
  3. New Legendary heroes:

1) 2 heroes from Forest Faction: Half Elf, Emilia, and Naga Warrior, Monroe.

2) The Ghost King, Julien, from Shadow Faction.

3) And the Whisper, Bill, from Fortress Faction.

  1. Two new Chapters will be updated in the quest – Chapter 21 and 22.

Adjustments on Heroes:

  1. Grom, the Ghoul: optimized the visual effect of his actions in battle and Hero page.
  2. Hista, the Lioness: optimized the visual effect of her actions in Hero page.
  3. Ecra, the Daeling: optimized the operation efficiency of all her skills’ visual effects, also the visual effect in Hero page.
  4. Gila, the Scalorean: Fixed the problem that Gila cannot be the target of attack during her skill Dance of Chaos, and optimized the visual effect of her in Hero page.
  5. Fie, the Elf Archer: Fixed the problem that Fie’s skill Rapid Fire can hit the targets which are in Stealth.

Adjustments on Contents

  1. Changed some completion conditions of tasks in the early stage of the game to make them more reasonable.
  2. Lowered the difficulties in some Stages to improve the game experience.
  3. Adjusted the order that extra buff of equipment set taking effect for some equipment sets, the Set 4 buff is increased for these sets also.
  4. More Bounty tasks are added in Leah’s bounty list.
  5. Removed the remind of less-than-5 heroes in Battle for Stage and Factional Dungeons.
  6. In the new version, it is default that the Single Hero’s Skill Auto switch will not be displayed. Adventurers can find the switch to display the button in Game Settings by tapping the avatar in the main page.


  1. The Master of Guild will be automatically transferred to the member who satisfies certain conditions in Guild if the former Master did not login game for more than 30 days.
  2. Details can be reviewed by tapping the avatar of adventurers in the application list of Guild.
  3. Visual effects are added in the Badge of Squad when there is upgrade or degrade.
  4. In the new version, you can pin-up and delete channels in Chat.
  5. More Dragon Shard and Beryl rewards added and will drop in the packed chests in the Arena.
  6. Also, we have adjusted the mechanism for displaying adventurers who have won the battle in Battle Records in Factional Dungeons and Stage battles.
  7. Optimized the performance efficiency of battle scene in Chapter 4

Last but not least, we fixed the problem in reminder system when adventurers change to a new server.

Above all are all the changes in our new version and we are looking forward to presenting them to you. Please feel free to contact via if you have any questions or suggestions to Magnum Quest.

Good luck to your adventure in MQ!

Sincerely Yours, Magnum Quest Team.

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