Patch Notes 1.3.0

Multi-lingual Version

The new version will support 9 languages in total. The game was initially released in English, and we have now added support for: Português, Brasileiro, du Français, Deutsch, Indonesia, Español de América latina, Russian, Japan, others.

Adventurers can choose their preferred language in the Language option under the user settings.

Upcoming Event: Thanksgiving Dinner

Unlimited fun for a limited time! In the famous free-trade city, Trassvertian, a special Big Stomach competition is kicking off. People wandering black market can exchange super delicious turkey leg by complete Tane’s Order in black market.

The more turkey legs one eats, the more abundant gifts there will be. Let’s go and have a look in the black market!

Event time: 08:00 11/30/2020 – 23:59 01/13/2021 UTC

Event awards:

  • The brand new War Chief skin for Ares, the Orc Warrior.
  • Acquisition ofthe hero, Ares, the Orc Warrior.
  • Numerous gold and silver artisan coins.

The Official Prologue

A brand-new intro animation has been added in when adventurers first set foot upon the Armuda Continent. This is a great opportunity for you to learn about the rich and epic history of this continent.

New Chapters

  • Chapter 23 – Trial for Warriors,
  • Chapter 24 – Floating City.

A New Demon has awoken

The stone spirit was initially nurtured by the Oracle Tablet but later got tainted by dark magic, and has since turned violent and cruel. Adventurers will be rewarded precious runestone prizes for defeating Ash.

After completing Stage 14-20, you can find and challenge the demon in Raid.

Three New Legendary Heroes

  • Wild faction: Rickers the Mercenary,
  • Shadow faction: Merialeth the Night Priestess,
  • Fortress faction: Cinia the Aristocratic Girl.


  • We have created new avatars for all heroes, they will replace the old hero avatars.
  • Rules of the [stealth] effect have been optimized. For the hero whose [stealth] effect is active, if all his/her allies have fallen in battle, the [stealth] effect will deactivate immediately.
  • Rules of skill-casting have been optimized. When there is no valid enemy target in the battle (e.g. the only remaining enemy is confined by Osishe’s skill), the skills which benefit the allies now can be casted.
  • Huge amount of Heroes was optimized.
  • We have fixed the issue where some of the enemy chess pieces in the map don’t match those in the battles.
  • We have fixed the issue where some of the chess pieces in the story don’t match their portraits.
  • The grade of the dropped equipment at some stages have been improved.
  • Battle information display has been improved. Players are now able to view the skill descriptions by tapping the demon’s skill icons.
  • We have fixed the issue where the audio failed to play correctly in the intro animation.
  • The system will now send email notifications to players when their Monthly Card/Deluxe Monthly Card are about to expire.
  • The name of Guild Boss is changed from StoneKing to Frost Peak.
  • The rewards sent to guild mates for challenging the Guild Boss, Frost Peak, has been improved.
  • The chance for runestones to appear in Shop and the Trial Shop has been improved.
  • Acquiring the VIP 6 perk unlocks the [skip battle] function in the Sacengate Tournament and the Floating City Ladder.
  • In Chapter 13, the battlefield has been updated to match the plot settings.

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