A few tips and tricks from a lvl 120+ player

An interesting article on reddit was posted by user KirsehDDD a few days ago. We found it interesting and we advise everyone to get acquainted with it, not only beginners, but also experienced players. Enjoy reading.

For context, i started playing in late june of 2021 and I fell in love with this game for some reason, i’m also what you would consider a “small” whale since my account is 4months old and i’m already vip 12 which is a lot of money spent, but regardless the reason i managed to progress as fast as I did was not only because of the money spent, here we go for the tips / tricks in no particular order I wish i knew when I started:

Referral system

Referral friends is a very neat feature that gives you plenty of goodies when your friends reached certain milestone, you can have 3 friends linked to your account and when one of them reaches level 40, it gives you 10 faction draw coupon and at lvl 50, it gives you 10 dragon scale (end game summoning currency but very important and hard to come by). I created alt-accounts (guide here) and linked them to my main account to exp 3 of them to level 50, since you get a copy of Sur (one of the best heroes out there) when 3 of them reaches that milestone.

Redemption code

Redemption code are also a quick way to earn goodies, I wish I had started way back when they were giving out plenty of rewards through codes but with each updates, they usually have a new code for you to redeem, right now there are 4 codes availables (10/05/2021):

  • herovoice
  • mqharvest
  • mq999
  • mq123

All active codes you can find on this PAGE.

Best heroes

There are plenty of heroes you could focus on early to progress through campaign and dungeons quickly, but it really all depends on your luck, but here are a few heroes worth leveling and gearing :

  • Ares (Wild, generally considered as one if not the best hero available in the game, i’m lvl 122 and he is still my main carry for all the content)
  • Fare (Forest, is very good combined with ares)
  • Gaia (Wild, get her to 3 star and when you reach mid-game, feed her to Ares, but early on she is a wrecking machine, I wish I knew this when I started lol)
  • Ione (Forest, one of the best support, and she becomes a beast when she reaches level 277)
  • Derla (Shadow, one of the best kit available in the game and very versatile)
  • Fie (Forest, gives a good haste buff and is really strong in early / mid game)
  • Sur (Divinity, this one is stupidly broken even with not investment, she is a support / tank / dps all-in-one and there are plenty ways to upgrade her with the redemption codes, referrals and shops)
  • Harry (Wild, one of the best tank who also acts as a support, can be combined with a lot of teams)
  • Aeluin (Forest, you get a bunch of copy of her so you can easily upgrade her, is okay when in early and mid stages but falls off when she reaches endgame)
  • Arthur (Fortress, when paired with a team that gives you more haste, energy buffs, he is one of the strongest hero available since he can protect your whole team with a shield according to this ATK)
  • Cinia (Fortress, the only hero i’m missing with Katos, I had her but as a newbie I fed her to others and now I regret it deeply since she is probably the best support in the whole game, she boosts the backline in a unique way that makes her stand out and can be combined with many teams)


Shops are plentiful in the game, with the general, retirement, trial, guild, ladder, and hunter tavern, which are all very useful for progression and requires different currency. Here are some items / goodies you should buy from each shop :

  • General : Beryl (Very hard to come by when you get to late game, always buy the 3000k gold bundle for 1500 Beryl), refresh once (or twice if you have dragonshard to spend) and get another time the Beryl bundle, and also if you have some dragonshard willing to spend, get the 65dragonshard bundle that gives you 3 crates of 24h worth of gold, very useful imo
  • Retirement : Gold soul dice 90% of the time, but if you need some silver heroes for fusing you can go ahead and buy some silver soul dice.
  • Trial : Save your currency for Derla with costs 45k trial token, and buy the beryl bundle from time to time when needed.
  • Guild : Only buy one item per week to complete the weekly quest, otherwise wait until late game to buy anything since the quality of items are related to your campaign progression, I would advise you to wait until chapter 20 to start buying gear.
  • Ladder : Sur all the way, even though she is very expensive, dont use the currency on Katos even though he’s decent, Sur will help you much more for pretty much everything in the game, Fare is also an option when you dont feel like waiting to buy for Sur but only buy his gold dice when you have enough copies of Sur.
  • Hunter tavern : I’d strongly advise you to focus on the token of courage (for strenght related heroes) since Ares is already op but becomes a fucking legend with the right investment in the star map.


If you decide that you enjoy playing Magnum Quest and are willing to spend money on the game, focus on the following stuff :

  • The 1-month Deluxe pass for 14,99€, gives you in total 6450 dragonshard which is a steal and at the end of the month, you can pick any gold tier hero to acquire (except for Sur and Katos)
  • I dont remember the name of the bundle since I dont have it available anymore but there is a bundle that gives you a copious amount of dragonshard for progressing through the campaign, I believe it’s available for 24,99€ and it would give me approximately 3000 to 5000 dragonshard when I was completing the campaign when I was progressing from chapter 20 to 25 and for each chapter completed, you earn dragonshard, so it’s probably one of the best deal out there. Beware though, as you wont get as much dragonshard for completing chapters if you are completing the early chapters, but you gain more dragonshards as you get further into chapter completion.
  • Event deals are also the best bundles you can buy on the game, since some events are sadly straight pay2win if you want the best rewards, so look up the upcoming events and save your money for events that rewards you for spending €€.

Note : Whenever you buy something from the merchant, you will get VIP points that will increase your VIP level. Early on, you can get to VIP level 3 or 4 even when you’re totally F2P since some rewards include VIP points. Here are some notable VIP levels that gives you nice bonuses :

  • VIP 3 : Auto-fill and auto-dispatch features for bounty missions, for the lazy ones haha.
  • VIP 6 : Skip battle feature for the arena which is a blessing.
  • VIP 13 : Dragon summon and Runestone features unlocked, even though you can unlock them simply by progressing through stages (I believe dragon summon is unlocked when you reach chapter 15)

Each VIP level also gives a bunch of rewards and small features, such as gear, heroes, dices, more EXP / GOLD collected, more fast rewards use per day, more free arena tickets and more. All VIP bonuses you can find HERE.

General progression tips

  • Early on, the best way to progress through arena, campaign and dungeon is to use a team revolving around Ares, using 4 forest heroes such as Fie, Fare, Ione and Aeluin with Ares. Ares is the bread and butter of progressing and the early and you can get to the endgame content easily just by investing in Ares solely and having a team that supports and boosts him in every way.
  • As you progress through campaign and levels, you unlock more content, such as the trial which is available every 48hours and gives you nice rewards, the Awakened demons which is very important because they are basically the best way to earn the best gear out there and also the hunter’s league for all sorts of rewards and passive bonus to either campaign / dungeons or awakened demons through the Sage Stone (When you have access to the sage stone focus on the campaign 1st then the Demons)

Star Maps

Also since I was in a hurry I couldnt really mention everything but the star map is one of the best feature available and I believe when a gold hero reaches 4 star (It used to be 5stars i think) they can access the star map. Focusing on the star map on the right heroes is going to help you immensly especially in the late game. My Ares star map is almost fully completed (which took me roughly a month just for him) but combining the right gear with the right star map investment turned my already OP Ares into something else that cannot be matched by anyone else.

Basically what i’m saying is that heroes that are normally weak can get really strong with the right star map investment and the already strong heroes become monsters.

Also with the introduction of the new hero Lilian, i figured i’d give some of my team comps to use along Ares that helped me to progress through late stages of the campaign or dungeon (currently i’m top 3 in dungeon at level 352 i believe) :

  • Ares, Lilian, Lycidias, Harry and Ione is for me the new overral BEST and versatile team composition right now, but you need to focus on placing your heroes at the right spot, since Lilian gives a shield / buffes, to the farthest hero on your team, so I put Ares along Lycidias in the front row (very important to have Lycidias in front row so he’ll always teleport Ares into the ennemies and he’ll shred through them) and i’ll put Lilian as far as possible from Ares, and Harry and Ione can be placed anywhere in the rear row. Quick explanation on why this team helped me progress like no other team :
  • Lycidias skills are meant to buff and add survivability to the other front row hero, in this case Ares, and he teleports Ares into the ennemy’s rear row, while also teleporting one ennemy into the most heroes filled position, so having Ares using his spinning axe skill into 5 ennemies is stupidly broken. Also Lycidias ult is an AoE cage / prison that silences every heroes inside when he reaches lvl 201, so he’s going to give your whole team a lot of momentum while the ennemies are silenced.
  • Lilian, as mentionned before, is the newest hero introduced, and quite honestly, she is very weak in most cases, the only exception being when paired with the team I talked about before. She is going to buff the whole team with energy, HP regen and overflowing shield but most importantly will grant even more buffes to the farthest ally, in this case Ares, so he’ll be stronger ATK wise, and he’ll be able to survive more with the HP and shield gained.
  • Harry is in my top 3 heroes in Magnum Quest for a good reason, he’s a tank that gives awesome energy buffes to the whole team, while also applying debuffes to the ennemies, including a lowered defense debuff which allows ares to shred into the ennemy line even more.
  • Ione is probably in everyone’s team already for a good reason, she’s already strong without real investment but when she reaches level 276, her skill that protects an ally upon receiving a fatal blow becomes much stronger, since up until lvl 276, this skill can only be applied once, but when she reaches lvl 276, this skill can be triggered twice, so Ares can benefit from it twice, which makes him almost unkillable with all the buff he’s already received from the whole team.

I won’t get into too much detailed concerning Ares because I believe everyone already knows him very well, so instead i’ll give you an overview of my gear, rune and star map that I use for him and which is I believe the best setup for this guy :

  • I geared him up with the Axe set, with grants 20% more crit when the set is full
  • I got very lucky with the rune, I’m using a Revitalizer’s Horn which grants energy gained every second. The rune is at 5 star and has crazy stats : +DMG : +6% / CRIT : 20% / CRIT : 20% / CRIT DMG : 40% / DMG TAKEN -6%.
  • As for the star map, i’m almost at the end and I have +19K more ATK, +25 CRIT DMG, 12% DODGE, 1.5% less physical DMG received, and as for the major nodes, I use the sigil of Wild which grants 6 points of leech, Show of Strength which gives 8% more ATK for 10 seconds when using his ultimate skill and Blessing of Power which regenerates 2% of his max HP for 10seconds when his HP drops below 40% for the first time.

So in the end my Ares is level 330 and has the following stats :

  • 1269k HP, 114k ATK, 14k DEF, 65% CRIT, 215% CRIT DMG, 17 DODGE, 22,5% decreased physical damage received, 6% decreased magic damage received and 6% increased physical damage dealt.

With the following setup, he’s basically my best hero by far and he’s the one who’s carrying me through pretty much everything. Whenever I use him, I try to think of a team that will buff him and grants as much debuffes to the ennemy team in order to maximize his efficiency.

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