Best Cards for Bosses

After a short period of time since the introduction of the Cards, the players have already made a list of the best Cards for the Bosses of the Magnum Quest. We invite you to read it below.

Best Red Cards

Fabian Card

Bonus: Increase attack speed.

Pros: The attack speed increase gives a significant DPS boost in most teams. Since the total damage from auto attacks increases and + the speed of energy gain from outgoing attacks.

Comments: Works best in physical damage teams (Feng/Hista, Fie, etc.) For magic damage teams, it’s better to take a Winden/Issy/Derla card.

Hista Card

Bonus: Increased damage to the enemy with bleeding + increased duration of bleeding.

Pros: Increases all types of damage. From Lv. 3 prolongs all bleeding, which will significantly increase damage (because bleeding is stacks and summed up).

Comments: Mandatory presence in the team of a hero capable of inflicting bleeding (Hista, Ares, Cyan).

Manton Card

Bonus: Increases “Basic” attack.

Pros: Ability damage is calculated as a base attack multiplier, one of the strongest card damage bonuses in a team.

Comments: Can be used in both physical and mage damage teams. Reveals its potential from Lv. 3.

Winden Card

Bonus: Increase Crit Damage.

Pros: Significant crit damage bonus, a good alternative when there are no cards above.

Comments: The usefulness depends on the Crit Chance, if there is not enough crit chance from runes and StarMap, the entire bonus crit damage will be useless.

Derla and Ares Cards

Bonus: Increase Magical (Derla) or Physical (Ares) Damage.

Pros: The best of the remaining. Can be used if the Lv. of these cards is higher than the Lv. of the rest. Or as a card for a Puppets War in 2-3 teams (I remind you that now in a war each card can only be used 1 time).

Comments: A good bonus when compared with cards at Lv. 1-2. Starting from Lv. 3 they are significantly inferior in strength, because additional card bonus works only for one faction. Further, their best use is fraction dungeons.

Best Blue Cards

Golden Dawn Card

Bonus: Extra healing turns into a shield.

Pros: Most of the teams on the bosses use Sur, which constantly applies a massive heal, turning this heal into a shield is extremely useful.

Comments: Does not work with leech, it does not count as a heal. The presence of a healer in the team is required (Sur, Aeluin, Arthur, Lilian, etc.)

Soul Crow Card

Bonus: Heals an ally when he uses his ult.

Pros: After rework, the Card became playable, it does not require the presence of a healer in a team. Starting from Lv. 3, it becomes the best blue card in a team with magician damage.

Comments: It is necessary to have Cinia in a team, for the most frequent use of ults.

Lilian Card

Bonus: Dodge, lots of dodge.

Pros: Well increases the survivability of the team, especially from Lv. 3. The worst alternative would be Sudak / Grom.

Comments: From Lv. 3 the positioning of the team is required the most vulnerable should be in the front row, this will contradict the condition of the red cards, which give a bonus to the back row.

Carlotta Card

Bonus: Life Steal.

Pros: Increases the survivability of teams with high attack speed. The worst alternative would be Garaf card.

Comments: Only effective on teams with high attack speed and physical damage (Fie, Hista, Carlotta, etc.)

Best Green Cards

Guss Card

Bonus: Increases speed.

Pros: What exactly gives Speed there is no definite answer. According to observations, this is the speed of attack, movement and reduces the cooldown time of abilities.

Comments: Increases speed for ~10 sec and at the end imposes a debuff to reduce speed for 4 seconds. The speed reduction now does not work, so the card is extremely strong.

Warchief Card

Bonus: Grants a shield when taking fatal damage.

Pros: Well increases survivability in the battle with the Frost Giant, especially from Lv. 3 (the shield works 1 time for each hero of the entire team).

Comments: Does not provide a direct increase in damage, only use if you have enough damage but have a survivability problem.

Sur Card

Bonus: The whole battle, every 5 seconds increases the attack (from Lv. 3 and defense) of the allies.

Pros: A significant increase in performance in long battles, a direct bonus to damage. The worst alternative is Naomi card.

Comments: A little weaker than Guss card. Choosing between them with the same Lv, we give preference to Guss.

Cinia and Veara Cards

Bonus: Recovery of energy from incoming attack (Cinia), outgoing attack (Veara).

Pros: Increases the rate of energy gain, which will significantly increase damage.

Comments: Good options if there is no Guss / Sur cards.

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