Trial of Romance 2022/02/13 – 2022/02/20

Trial of Romance

  • One of the queen’s guards feels… familiar to me.
  • All I want is to stand by her side.

Event: Trial of Romance
The seal of the realm of trial is shaken loose again. In order to save the people in the vicinities, Cinia and her bodyguard Bill are about to spend their special holidays in the realm of trial.

Event time: From UTC 2022/02/13 to 2022/02/20

Event rewards:

  • Festive Portraits of Bill and Cinia,
  • Friendship Points,
  • Dragonshards, etc.

Event description:

  1. During the event, there’s a chance you may acquire gear cards associated with Cinia and Bill. They can deliver surprising results when Cinia and Bill are fielded together.
  2. The probability of acquiring Cinia and Bill from the campfires in Trial is raised significantly.
  3. There are a series of Valentine themed quests available during the event, completing them earns you great rewards.

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