Team Building Guide

This is a formation guide that will take you to at least Level 20 of Magnum Quest’s Battle mode.

Below are the combinations in which 5 heroes are involved, if you do not have the necessary heroes, then you can replace them. The main note is the correct strategy and selected heroes.

Team 1

First row: Fare (Forest), Ares (Wild)

Back row: Aeluin (Forest), Gaia (Wild), Ione (Forest)

Additional effect:

3 heroes of the Forest + 2 heroes from the Wild faction, will increase ATK and HP by 15%.


Fare and Ares are a very powerful combination. These two heroes are an important link in the game, so you need them to overcome enemies.

Fare’s [Fatal Attraction] skill draws heroes from the back row. This skill helps to reduce the enemy’s attack power by 60% for as much as 7 seconds. Then you can launch Ares’ [Whirlwind Smash] and deal damage to multiple enemies at once.

[Jungle Shield] Ione can protect 2 allies with the lowest HP and blocks 4 enemy attacks. During the fight, Fare and Ares are the most vulnerable heroes. When the heroes are on the verge of death, Ione launches his shield, which saves the heroes of the first row, recuperates and saves their lives.

Gaia can only be upgraded to level 200, but don’t underestimate her strength. Normal attacks deal area damage. Her skill [Wild Rage] increases her attack speed by 60% and increases her speed by 60 points. In addition, the [leech] effect, which converts 30% of the damage dealt into HP.

Aeluin has a strong healing effect: the [Enchant] skill makes the affected enemy start attacking their allies, which is a very powerful additional bonus.


The positions of Fare and Ares must be changed depending on the placement of the enemy’s heroes. The positions of the other 3 heroes can be changed at will in accordance with the combat situation.

You can also put Ares behind Fare or in the center, in which case the orc’s task will be to inflict as much damage as possible.

Team 2

First row: Fare (Forest), Osishe (Forest)

Back row: Aeluin (Forest), Fie (Forest), Ione (Forest)

Additional effect:

When 5 heroes of the same faction participate in the battle, the attack power and HP increases by 25%.


Unlike the first roster, we replaced 2 heroes, and put together team of 5 heroes of one faction, which allowed us to get additional bonuses.

Osishe is a hero who controls the enemy. The skill [Chorus of the Tide] imposes a calming effect and the enemies fall asleep, at this moment the enemy cannot attack and launch his skill. She can also put one enemy in a cage, which will not allow him to recuperate and often affects the outcome of the battle.

Fie and Fare are also a common and fixed pair, this duo has two main functions:

  • First, sometimes Fare’s [Fatal Attraction] skill fails to pull an enemy in. Then, when Fie’s [Vanity] skill works in at the start of the fight, Fare’s [Fatal Attraction] will gather enemies on his side.
  • Secondly, if the enemy team also has Fare, then you can put Fie in the first row in order to change the direction of Fare from the opposing team and so that later he could not attract our heroes.


The position of Fare, Fie and Aeluin depends on the placement of the enemy heroes, the position of the other 2 heroes may change depending on the combat situation.

As shown in the picture below, Fie and Aeluin are in the front row, Osishe, Fare and Ione in the back. After the start of the battle, Fare will change the direction of the enemy to himself, thereby protecting our Aeluin and Ione.

Osishe in the back row will take less damage, which will allow her to activate her [Chorus of Tide] skill several times and put enemies to sleep, which will help control them.

The recommendations for hero packs presented below are based on the ideas of the above two lineups, it will only change individual heroes playing different roles in the battle.

Team 3

First row: Fare (Forest), Ares (Wild)

Back row: Fie (Forest), Sur (Divinity), Gaia (Wild)

Additional effect:

2 heroes of the Forest faction + 2 heroes of the Wild faction + 1 hero of the Divinity faction – such a composition will allow you to receive a bonus in the form of +15% to ATK and HP, and another 3% will be added to the increase in energy recovery.


Sur is the only representative of the Divinity faction, she is a descendant of the dragon and man. Sur is endowed with powerful might. All 4 of Sur’s skills are very powerful. She deals significant damage to the enemy and at the same time gives the team powerful protection, and also brings her an additional bonus at the expense of her faction.

Team 4

First row: Fare (Forest), Katos (Abyss)

Back row: Fie (Forest), Sur (Divinity), Ione (Forest)

Additional bonus:

3 heroes of the Forest faction + 1 hero of the Divine faction + 1 hero of the Abyss faction – this team will receive a bonus in the form of +25% to ATK and HP, + the effect of restoring the energy of all heroes by 3%, the effect of reducing the restoring of energy of all enemy heroes by 3%.


Katos is the first hero of the Abyss faction, he acts like a tank, resisting the damage of the enemy. When he dies, he takes one hero from the enemy team with him.

Other teams

And finally, we present to your attention the heroes of other factions. You will be able to swap heroes according to the campaign lineup ideas above.


Arthur not only gives a shield to all the heroes of the team, but also restores HP to them. He is one of the best healers in the game, significantly increasing the survivability of the team.

Feng is a master of weapons, is good at one-handed and two-handed swords, daggers and can instantly kill several enemies at once.


Naomi can dispel enemy buffs and prevent him from unleashing his skills. Dispel even affects Ares’ shield.

Hista selects the hero with the highest damage and deals multiple high-power damage to all opponents.


Derla is a very intimidating hero, when she launches her skills, they deliver a devastating blow to the enemy and instantly kill all enemy heroes.

We hope we helped you with the logic of forming teams in Magnum Quest. Good Luck!

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