Derla Skin – Ancient God is coming!

Greetings adventurers!
Derla Skin – Ancient God will be back soon!

As the head of the Parliament of Wizards, Derla rules the whole Tanzenier Kingdom in her own oppressive way. Everyone knows that she’s a highly talented lich, no one can retain knowledge of magic better than her. However, her origins are completely unknown to the common folk, even members of the Parliament could not dig out anything about it.

Well, for Derla herself, it’s indeed another story before Tanzenier…

Derla – Ancient God

The queen’s beauty is one of its kind, like a kiss the God blows to the mortals or a seed of the scourge. An exotic wizard presented an enchanted piece of clothes, sealing her beauty so the king was able to confine her to the High Tower.

[Ancient God] will be released in game very soon, stay tuned!

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