The Sorrows of Emilia Event 2022/01/26 – 2022/03/11

Event: The sorrows of Emilia

Emilia was asked to keep those gorgeous Spring Festival lanterns, but they soared up on a gust of sudden wind and disappeared in her sight before she could even catch one. How could there be no special lanterns in the Spring Festival! Emilia definitely needs some help from a clever and loving adventurer this time.
As for the rewards, Emilia won’t let you down! Adventurers can earn wonderful rewards by completing event quests and retrieving Lanterns during the event, and grab the chance to win the limited edition skin for your Emilia:

Bronze Lock of Lion Heart
Emilia acquired this set of attire when she was assisting the eastern travelers. It has a signature eastern design and is Emilia’s favorite outfit.

Event time: UTC 2022/01/26 – 2022/03/11

Event rewards:

  • Emilia,
  • Emilia Skin [Bronze Lock of Lion Heart],
  • Customize Chests of Light,
  • Gold Soul Dice,
  • Silver Soul Dice.

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