The arena in Magnum Quest is a PvP competition between players. By defeating enemies you earn a rating and various rewards. It is divided into two types:

  • Sacengate Tournament
  • Floating City Ladder

Sacengate Tournament

The Sacengate Tournament Magnum Quest is a simple ranking with team-versus-team battles. Access to it opens after passing stage 2-28 of the “Battle” mode. The more victories you make in the Tournament, the higher in the leaderboard you will climb and you will earn more daily and seasonal rewards.

Note that in addition to attacking, you need to take care of defense. Constantly improve the construction of defense in the event of the rise of certain heroes.


How to earn arena points
By challenging other players in the Arena, you will gain arena ladder points and compete for rewards.

Admission ticket
No arena token is required for your first 5 timesarena challenges ofthe day, while from the 6th challenge on the day, you will need to pay a arena token for each challenge.

Basic rules
You can gain points from winning and lose points when defeated.

Award distribution
Ranking rewards are issued every day according to the ranking of players’ arena ladder points.

Each season will last for two weeks. Seasonal rewards are given at the end of each season, according to the ranking of the accumulated arena ladder points of each player. The arena ladder points will be reset after the end of each season.

About ranking
At the beginning of each season, players must gain their base-points by taking the first arena challenge, to acquire their entry to the seasonal ranking.

Floating City Ladder

Floating City Ladder Magnum Quest is already a more difficult PvP competition. Access to it opens after passing stage 9-20 of the “Battle” mode. Here you have to compete with 3 opposing teams. It is here that you will increase the hourly income of the “Dragon Heart Blood” coins, which can be exchanged in the Shop for valuable heroes. The growth is ensured by an increase in your position in the overall rating.

As in a tournament, you need to set up a team of defense, but already in the amount of 3 commands. That is, in total, you need to have at least 15 leveled heroes.


Ranks and Rewards
There are 7 ranks on the Floating City Ladder.
The accumulated amount of Dragon Heart Blood (the arena token kept in the treasure chest of Floating City Ladder) per hour, increases with the upgrade of the rank.

Improve Ranking
If the Challenger wins the battle towards the Defender, they will exchange the positions on the Ladder. Otherwise, both of them will keep the original positions.

How to Win
Adventurers who participate in the Floating City Ladder need to set 3 teams of heroes to challenge or defense.
The Challenger and the Defender will battle 3 times with different team of heroes each time respectively. Adventurer who wins 2 times is the winner.

Restrictions on participation
For adventurers who participate in the floating city ladder, each team needs at least one hero and up to 5 heroes to challenge or defend. Heroes who have participated in the battle cannot participate in the battle again in other teams.

Dragon Heart Blood
Adventurers need to manually tap the chest to receive the Dragon Heart Blood accumulated in the treasure chest. The rank ofthe adventurer in the ladder determines the accumulation speed of the Dragon Heart Blood. The treasure chest can accumulate up to 15,0000 Dragon Heart Blood.

Ladder Shop
The special shop in the Floating City, Ladder Shop, is unlocked. Better and more trophies can be traded by Dragon Heart Blood that obtained from the treasure chest in the Floating City Ladder.

We wish you luck in the Magnum Quest Arena Battles!

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