Russian epic hero Ilya, arrived on the continent of Armuda game Magnum Quest on October 14, 2021. The hero’s arsenal contains control effects. With his skills, he can push enemies aside and overturn them, not allowing them to perform any actions.


One copy of Winden Magnum Quest is received by all players on the 7th entry into the game. Copies of him can also be purchased at the game store. As you might expect, the hero is quite weak and will be replaced in teams as soon as any other alternative appears.


Bill Magnum Quest is a Fortress tank that can deal area damage. He is usually placed in the first row of the team. He knows how to overturn and throw opponents, which knocks them down and interferes with the use of abilities. Weak damage, weak control, poor survivability – all this determines his low scores.


Flann is no ordinary Magnum Quest hero. Despite being an intelligence character, she fights in close combat. She is an assassin who deals triple damage to enemies with less than 30% HP left. She marks her opponents with special marks that increase her damage. Shows itself well on Bosses-Demons.


Cinia is one of the best support heroes in all Bosses in Magnum Quest. Makes any team better with an energy boost and a vulnerability debuff. A competent placement allows only needed characters to be filled with energy. Synergizes well with Sur, which needs a lot of energy.


Dwarf Shooter Aurik Magnum Quest is the most famous ale lover in the entire Armuda continent. He has good AOE damage with the ability to strong debuffs to enemies. Also, his normal attacks can interrupt the enemy’s ultimate, which is very useful in difficult battles, the main thing is to correctly position him for the attack. If Aurik drinks ale in battle, he will receive a increase in speed, damage, and also crit chance.


Arthur Magnum Quest – the strongest heal in the game, is the optimal choice on all bosses, without exception, especially in conjunction with extremely strong against bosses heroes of the fortress (Feng, Cinia, Ecra). Stronger than Aeluin on bosses, because it gives the team an additional bar of shields, which allows your heroes to withstand more damage than their maximum health allows.


Heal block, periodic invulnerability, damage reflection, attack steal and heal are unique mechanics of Ecra Magnum Quest. Plus the strongest area damage in the game and one of the strongest single target damage. Mechanics Skill 3 (Protege) allows Ecra to trivialize the mechanics of Shatrol and Damtior (her strongest uses), be extremely strong in progress.


Feng Magnum Quest is the top 1 boss damage dealer. Deals more damage than Ares, lives longer than Gila or Hista, does not depend on randomness to deal damage, like Ecra. Transforms after level 201, when it receives a powerful shield from superpowers.

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