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Despite the fact that Gaia Magnum Quest is a Golg III hero, up to level 226 of the squad she will be your favorite character. She is loved by all newbies, as it is not difficult to collect it up to the maximum 3 stars. Gaia’s maximum level is limited to 200, which makes her weak in the late game, but you can reach chapter 20 with her.

The main feature of the hero is the crazy AOE auto attack damage, which after 176 gains maximum healing power from damage. In conjunction with Fare, it is most effective.


Ambush (shuriken)



RarityGold III
RoleContinuous Damage
Role 2Burst Damage
hero for early game only

General mode


Guild Bosses

Guild BossS




Wild Fury [Lv.3]

Gaia gains 50% of ATTACK and 50 points of HASTE for 10 seconds.

LV2 (76 lvl): The ATTACK buff increases to 60% and the HASTE buff increases to 60 points.
LV3 (151 lvl): Gaia also gains the [leech] effect, which translates 30% of damage dealt to HP.

Lucky Strike [Lv.4]

1 out of 3 attacks by Gaia deals additional damage equal to 8% of Gaia’s max HP.

LV2 (26 lvl): Additional damage dealt increases to 12% of Gaia’s max HP.
LV3 (101 lvl): 1 out of 2 attacks by Gaia deals additional damage.
LV4 (176 lvl): Additional damage dealt increases to 16% of Gaia’s max HP.

Gravel Catapult [Lv.2]

Gaia’s normal attack deals area damage.

LV2 (126 lvl): Gaia’s normal attack damage increases by 10%.



Gaia, a female satyr warrior, is the head of the Satyr Warriors Regiment. Not only is she the first female head of this regiment, but she is, literally, the first female satyr warrior.


Like all satyrs, Gaia has a sheep-like head and a human-shaped body. However, distinguishing her from most satyrs, Gaia’s musculature is highly developed. The satyrs are generally gentlefolk, preferring to spend their time singing and dancing, But Gaia is not interested in either. She ha deep conviction that in the wilds, where the laws of the jungle trump all else, it is only strength that matters.


The satyrs live a relatively simple and peaceful life tending towards hedonism. Male satyrs are very slightly physically stronger and occupy a higher social position. As the satyr race is not naturally martially oriented, the small difference in strength
for the female satyrs has been seen as an insurmountable barrier to full equality. They are prohibited from combat and are orly allowed to take lowly support positions. From childhood, Gaia has not been able to comprehend why no one has challenged this rule. The satyr elders told her that the rule was part of satyr tradition and that “the sun would stand still in the sky” before it would change. However, Gaia carefully observed the male ard female satyrs and realized that the physical differences were very minor. With vigorous training, the average female satyr could close the gap on her male counterparts.

Her theory was met with complete skepticism.

Gaia arranged high-intensity workouto strengthen her physique and enhance her speed. She studied a variety of combat techniques, searching for one that would maximize her strengths and minimize her weaknesses. Gaia found that her arm strength was very high for a satyr. She focused on developing that strength and searched for combat techniques that emphasized the upper body. Now a full adult, Gaia, through hard work and training, has transformed her body into a living weapon.

Gaia entered martial arts competitions and easily defeated her male opponents, shocking all satyrs. Seeing what could be accomplished through hard work and dedication, many satyrs began to question their life of indolent pleasure. Since Gaia’s success in the fighting arts, male satyrs have started more rigorous physical training, have explored new combat skills, and have rededicated themselves towards protecting their people. Encouraged by Gaia, female satyrs enrolled in the military and began living very different lives.

Gaia applied to join the Satyr Warrior Regiment and became a stone thrower by virtue of her arm strength. She showed a great deal of courage and initiative in battle. Her efforts and example have changed the status of female satyrs. She has also caused the enemies of the satyrs to find a new fear–the power of the female of the species.

When the leadership of the Satyr Warrior Regiment became open, Gaia was the natural and universally acclaimed choice. The news of the dark force sweeping the continent recently reached the satyr lands. Gaia is not afraid. She’s already made the sun stand still in the sky.

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