Update 12-30-2021

The server will be down for maintenance updates on 30/12/2021 07:00-08:00, which will last for 1 hour. During this period you will not be able to log in to the game. After the update, the compensation for the maintenance will be sent via in-game mail.

New Year Events

  1. Login Rewards: Gift from the Gods
    Event description: Earn great rewards by staying online in the game while the event is active!
    Event time: Jan 01-03, 2022, UTC.
    Event rewards: Draw Coupons, Beryl, Gold.
  1. Extra Items from Idle Rewards
    Event description: While the event is active, the Idle Reward Chest will yield New Year Gift Boxes in addition.
    Event time: Jan 01-07, 2022, UTC.
    Event rewards: Gold Soul Dice, Silver Soul Dice, Dragon Shards, etc.

Other Optimizations

  1. The level cap of Sage Stones has been raised to 60.
  2. We have fixed the issue where the system might stop responding when searching for guilds.

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