Update 10-14-2021

We will be shutting down for maintenance updates at UTC 2021/10/14 7:00 – 9:00.
The maintenance period will last for 2 hours. During this period, you will not be able to log in to the game. After the update, the compensation for the maintenance will be sent to you via in-game email.

Here is the update content:

Attack on Demons

During this event, all adventurers are granted opportunities to challenge 4 powerful demons and win various prizes based on their performance in the battles.

Time: From UTC 2021/10/16 to 2021/10/27
Prizes: Gold Soul Dice, Silver Soul Dice, gear enhancements, and many more.
Prerequisites: Players must have cleared stage 9-18 in the BATTLE section.

New hero Ilya!

Ilya, aka “Song of Valor”, a new hero from the Fortress faction will be available!

With the arrival of a new hero, we have also made it possible for you to try them out before summoning them. To do so, simply tap “New Companions” on the home screen.

Optimizations in Battlefield of Gods

  1. All tooltips will be optimized in each phase of the tournament.
  2. The guild info of each contestant is now on display in the interface.
  3. In the Promotion Series, the group switch button will be relocated to the upper left corner.
  4. The algorithm used for allocating the “Trophy of the Strong” prizes will be optimized to narrow the gap between the maximum and minimum of rewards.
    Trophy of the Strong: after each game season, the top 32 contestants in “Battlefield of Gods” earn “Trophy of the Strong” for their guilds, which can be claimed by their fellow guild members using the guild interface.
  5. Highlight the bet function with a red exclamation mark.
  6. Fix the issue where some battle replays didn’t run properly.
  7. Fix the issue where the message “we cannot find the contestant you support” popped up incorrectly in the bets.

Adjustments and Optimizations

  1. After reaching LV3, the skill “Heritage of Nomads”, used by Manton, aka “Wilderness Shadow”, had an issue where the duration of his immunity to control spells wasn’t correct. This issue will be fixed.
  2. The incorrect description found in a few missions in the Polar Night Star section will be corrected.
  3. The interface navigation errors found in a few missions in the Polar Night Star section will be corrected.
  4. Fix the issue when navigating from the daily mission page to the squad page then back might cause display glitches.
  5. Fix the issue where the ascension interface might have display glitches when you ascend a hero.
  6. Simplify the beginner’s guide after stage 1-4 in the BATTLE section.
  7. Add in some tooltips to notify players when a hero’s Star Map becomes available after the ascension.
  8. Fix the issue where occasional sound effects might still playback even if SFX is disabled in the system settings.

3 thoughts on “Update 10-14-2021”

  1. Ione’s ultimate skill name is still corrected? It’s still named “Jungle Protection”, same name with her other skill

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